Tuft and Needle Mattress Reviews (The Things You Need to Know First)

Have you ever thought of buying a new mattress but quite confused because of many options out there? There are numbers of mattresses that you can choose from if you want a more comfortable sleep at night, and one of these options could be the products of Tuft and Needle. To lessen your confusion, I will provide Tuft and Needle mattress reviews here!

Tuft and Needle Mattress Reviews

Tuft and Needle Mattress Reviews

Company Overview

First, let’s check the company behind such great mattresses. Relatively, Tuft and Needle started early in the online mattress craze by 2012 having a goal of improving the shopping experience as well as providing mattresses at a lower more transparent cost.

Nowadays, the company still stands out since it is significantly priced lower than the other brands out there. Tuft and Needle made a single mattress which aimed to serve all the consumers, regardless of their sleeping preferences.

And to make such great product, they broke down what makes a quality bed into pressure relief, support and cooling. Due to the reliable tech backgrounds of the founders, along with using the feedback on the prototypes to tweak the construction as well as producing a new version of the item, they were able to develop their brand.

Prior to purchasing, you can try the mattress because the company continued to innovate the shopping experience through partnering with Amazon to open new retail locations. And these locations would offer free two hours delivery via Amazon Prime or you could order using the Amazon app on your phone by scanning the barcode that is found next to the product in the store.

Is Tuft and Needle Mattress Ideal for You or Not?

Next, you also need to consider whether the mattresses of Tuft and Needle are the best for you. Their products are ideal for you if:

  • …you want a feel of a foam with bounce.

Since this mattress is considered to be an all-foam construction, you will feel like a latex foam than a memory foam rendering good bounce to the bed and allowing you to adjust your positions a lot easier.

  • …you want no frills.

This product has a basic bed inside a box design along with a comfort layer that is directly over a base layer. This straightforward construction offers an excellent sleeping surface having no whistles or bells.

  • …you are looking for a decent mattress right on your budget.

The mattresses are directly shipped from the factory to you and this helps in keeping the prices down.

  • …you want to experience an easy shopping experience.

All of us want this, right? You will surely love the idea that you can easily purchase this product through Amazon.

Nevertheless, we cannot deny the fact that there are other individuals who might have other preferences when it comes to buying a mattress. So, this product isn’t for you if:

  • …you want spring mattress instead.

This item is very highly rated, but it doesn’t mean that it will make you love a foam mattress. If you definitely love a spring mattress then Tuft and Needle products aren’t the one for you.

  • …you want a true extravagance mattress.

The company makes sure to provide high-quality mattress at a lesser price. There could be better options if you want to spend more and get more.

  • …you want to try the product out before purchasing.

Since the mattress is only sold online, you cannot lay on it before you buy it. But, they offer a 100-day full refund period.

  • …you like a plush or soft feel.

This mattress is indeed on the firmer side and it has no trace of the soft, plush or soft pillow top feel which some people want.

If you belong to those with preferences as mentioned above, then the mattresses of Tuft and Needle aren’t for you.


Let us now discuss the quality and materials used to come up with their products. The mattress of Tuft and Needle is compressed in a box and shipped directly to your door. It is also designed to be utilized with numbers of bed frames like slatted frames, box springs, and adjustable frames. And at its full height, it stands at 10 inches tall.

If you look at the mattress at first, you will observe its cover. It is made of micro polyamide and polyester which dries quickly. This cover is a lot thinner compared to the other products and it is also breathable and it helps with airflow.

Tuft and Needle company has been very vocal about using extra lower quality layers in driving higher retail prices. And the excessive layers will not just lead to less value, there is also a need for more glue for them to be together. With this, the glue will stifle the temperature and airflow regulation.

However, in order to respond to the said issues, they created a minimal design which uses two distinct layers of the high-density polyurethane foams which are:

  • The top layer which consists three inches of the proprietary T&N Adaptive Foam. The said material will mimic the latex and memory foam in support and pressure relief with having any drawbacks as it wicks the heat away with graphite and is being infused with cooling gel.
  • And the base layer is created from seven inches of polyfoam serve as the support level giving the bed its shape as well as a lot firmer than the top layer.


With regards to feel and support, we need to discuss the firmness here in the Tuft and Needle mattress reviews. Known to be a universally comfortable bed, Tuft and Needle continuously listen to the customers to keep improving and refining every iteration of the bed. And because of many feedback, they were able to make the bed a lot softer.

The top layer and the cover are both soft. You can notice a bounce to the top of the mattress along with fast responsiveness. And if you further press the mattress, it will reveal the support of its thick base layer. But, unlike the top layer, it doesn’t offer a deep bounce.

For back sleepers, there is a very strong assurance of support wherein there are no awkward alignment issues and the lumbar region could be so comfortable too. While for the stomach sleepers, the bottom layer support is enough to maintain alignment. There is no compression of the chest making it easy to breathe.

On the contrary, side sleepers might feel pressure relied from its soft top layer in the typical hip and shoulder pain points.

  • Motion Transfer and Edge Support

And for motion transfer, you will love their mattresses. We should know the fact that all-foam mattresses will perform well with motion isolation. You will have a good sleeping experience if you belong to those who are easily disturbed by the movements of their partners.

Regarding edge support, it becomes a more preference-based category once you go on buying a new bed. You can consider two types of edge support and those are sitting and sleeping on the edge. You should be wary that compressed and all-foam beds don’t tend to perform well in this matter. But this isn’t a great deal for some.

Other Considerations

There are some other considerations you need to know about Tuft and Needle mattress and they are the following:

  • They offer 10 years of non-prorated warranty.
  • There are 100 nights of sleep trial along with a full refund as well as a removal to the charity of your choice once it doesn’t work.
  • Certi-PUR certification should also be considered and their products passed the chemical and gas standards. They are devoid of harmful chemicals like PBDE flame retardants, heavy metals, and formaldehyde.
  • And also, there is a GREENGUARD Certification as a proof that is made with low emissions and it also helps in creating healthy indoor environments.

Pros and Cons

And for some of the noticeable strengths and weaknesses of these products, consider the table below:

  • Mattresses that are built to last
  • Products that stay cool
  • Excellent cost to quality ratio
  • Too plush for those heavy people
  • Complaints about off-gassing
  • Not totally for side sleepers

Final Verdict

There you have it – the Tuft and Needle mattress reviews! To sum it up, I think it is great to consider this mattress, particularly those with partners and they have different preferences. You will be happy about their features, but some complaints might be observed too.

But for a clever design bed with high quality and high-density polyurethane foam and airflow system, numbers of advantages might be rendered by the said brand. So, choose from their mattresses now!

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