Best Sleep Innovations Mattress Reviews (You Need to Read This Now)

Some of the best mattresses on the market today are from Sleep Innovations. In fact, they are the most widely used beds by thousands of consumers nowadays. And there are numbers of reasons why their mattresses stand out among the other ones in the crowd. That is what we are going to tackle here at Sleep Innovations Mattress reviews.

Sleep Innovations Mattress Reviews

Sleep Innovations Mattress Reviews

Sleep Innovations Mattress Overview

Over the years, Sleep Innovations has become a big brand, and apart from the products that are sold online, the mattresses, pillows and some other beddings are as well sold at some of the biggest retail stores. Actually, it is easy to find a mattress from this brand only that you need to determine the right one for you.

They have used science in order to begin a sleep revolution. There’s an increase in coolness levels, REM and pressure relief point and so you will surely sleep comfortably and soundly each night. Expect extra difference with their mattress too when it comes to motion transfer and other issues when sleeping.

And they also believe that one size will not fit all, the brand has designed beddings differently based on the kind of a sleeper the consumer is. Almost everything is taken into consideration to come up with a mattress that will fit exactly your needs.

Sleep Innovations also believes that your body is unique, so they have created products that will respond to your body. It will give you what you need for you to be comfortable. They are considered as an expert in the industry due to years of study and research made to improve their products and offer the exact mattress you need!

Types and Components

Innocor Comfort will offer memory foam beds that are sold under the brand name of Sleep Innovations. The current lineup of the company will feature the seven mattress models below:

  • The Alden will feature a luxury system along with the top layer of the SureTemp memory foam then the lowest layer of a polyfoam known as Air Channel. It has support core that is being constructed from a polyfoam that is high-density and also the protection is a blend of cotton polyester.
  • The Shea provides a bit thinner profile including SureTemp memory foam as comfort layer, cotton-polyester blend cover and a high-density polyfoam as support core.
  • The Taylor offers a comfort system having an upper layer of a gel memory foam together with a bottom sheet of an Air Channel polyfoam too. It also has a support core that is made from high-density polyfoam with a cover that is knit from a cotton and polyester blend.
  • The Skylar will feature gel foam as well as Air Channel polyfoam layers right in the comfort system along with a high-density polyfoam as a support core. Its cover is a quilted polyester knit which comes with open-weave side panels.
  • The Shiloh is also designed with only a single layer of memory foam comfort system together with a support core that is made of high-density polyfoam. Its cover is a blend of polyester and cotton.
  • The Sage, on the other hand, is built with only a layer of gel memory foam in its comfort system and also a support core that is created of high-density polyfoam. And the cover is also a quilted polyester and cotton blend.
  • Finally, the Marley offers two primary components in the comfort system including a gel memory foam as the top layer and Air Channel polyfoam as the bottom layer. The quilted cover is also constructed from polyester and cotton blend.

Indeed, you have ample options when it comes to choosing the right mattress for you from this brand.

How Do Sleep Innovations Mattress Perform?

If you are interested in sleeping on memory foam, then this brand could offer you with options to choose from. There could be variations with regards to performance and firmness level, and you still can expect that their products will reflect the typical characteristics of memory foam. So, let’s talk about the performance of their mattresses.

  • Support

In general, their beds are thought to be so supportive because of the contouring properties. We all know that memory foam will change its shape according to on the amount of pressure and weight applied allowing it to relieve the pressure points and hug the body.

For the majority of sleepers, this is indeed the right support needed, but others might find it to cause spinal misalignment.

  • Firmness

Most of the memory foam cushions are not considered to be firm due to the level of cradling which happens once weight is applied to the mattress. However, this might vary according to on the ILD rating density of the foam.

Sleep Innovations mattress reviews described the products to be medium to medium-firm, and this mostly correlates to 5-7 once measured on the firmness scale.

  • Durability

When it comes to strength, there might be variations from a particular model to another, and that is because of the different quality of the used materials. Those models with a lower density of support foams might suffer from long-term durability issues.

Unfortunately, the brand didn’t reveal the density of the foams that are used in their products.

  • Motion Transfer

Memory foam mattresses are known more popularly because of the intense motion isolation. And with this, there is an assurance that their beds are excellent when it comes to preventing any motion transfer issues.

  • Sleeping Hot

You will be guaranteed with optimum comfort through the cradling effect of the memory foam. But, they could also be the reason for you to sleep hot. The memory foam will become a lot more responsive once the temperature increases and this results in an increase in the amount of hug or sink during sleep.

Moreover, most of the brand’s mattresses would include the descriptions of the features of temperature regulation and increasing air flow. Nevertheless, it could be hard to judge the effectiveness of the said design features. And even though there are these features, others might complain about sleeping hot on the memory foam bed.

  • Off-gassing

With their mattresses, you must expect some level of off-gassing. We all have a different perception of the smell, but it is common to take at least 24 hours to 48 hours before the smell disperses. This might not be a big problem for some. However, if you are totally sensitive about smells, you should consider a mattress that is made with other materials.

Why Choose Sleep Innovations Mattress

Though I have mentioned numbers of things above that might convince you to consider the mattresses offered by Sleep Innovations, I will still share more benefits to establish the reliability of the brand a bit more.

Some of the reasons why choosing their products is a wise choice include the following:

  • You are guaranteed with proven results since all the products are tested in order to ensure therapeutic comfort.
  • All the memory foam used are made in the USA.
  • You are provided with a mattress that is perfect for because they believe that one size will not fit all. There are different sizes such as Full, Twin, King, Queen and the California King.
  • They have used dust mite as well as allergen-resistant materials.
  • You also don’t need to flip the mattress.
  • The products are cheaper than other options but with almost same features.
  • The mattresses come with a limited of 20 years warranty period.
  • Minimized motion disturbance which makes their beds perfect for those who are sleeping with their partners.
  • You will benefit a lot from pressure point relief as well as spinal alignment.
  • Their beds don’t sag and will remain durable. They could also be used with box spring, bed frame, foundation or even bare floor.

You will definitely love their mattresses because of these reasons.


On the contrary, there are also drawbacks that you should consider before you totally love and purchase their mattresses. Some of these cons are the following:

  • There could be complaints about the little to almost no edge support of the mattress and the body heat retention that is above-average.
  • Some of their mattresses render minimal comfort as well as support for those above-average weights sleepers and some other sleeping positions.
  • Their mattresses are sold only through that offers a 30-night sleep trial together with a return period while other brands could provide sleep trials of 60 nights or even longer.

Final Verdict

I could say that mattresses offered by the said brand are worth buying and that is because of the wide benefits that the features could render. Nonetheless, this might not always work for everyone. There could be other individuals that might have different needs which they couldn’t find from the brand’s products.

So, by the Sleep Innovations mattress reviews, I hope you can weigh down whether to buy one from their models or not! For your comments and any suggestions, please feel free to post your comments below!

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