The Best Live and Sleep Mattress Reviews You Need to Know

Looking for the right company to buy the best mattress addressing you sleeping needs? I recommend that you consider Live and Sleep. It is an online-only company which sells high-quality memory foam mattresses capable of meeting your standards. In fact, most Live and Sleep mattress reviews would tell you how great this option might be.

Live and Sleep Mattress Reviews

Live and Sleep Mattress Reviews

Do you belong to those sleepers who sleep hot and sink in that much? If yes, then a memory foam mattress offered by Live and Sleep can address such concerns through allowing you to sleep nice and cool on their mattress. Let us learn more about Live and Sleep mattresses below!

Who Should and Should Not Use This Mattress?

First, who do you think will best use this mattress? Well, this mattress is a great option if:

  • …you want deeper contour but slight firmness.

The said product can nurture the body shape. It will contour as well as hug your body at the same time will maintain a level of support and push-back.

  • …you want a medium firm feel.

Though this mattress is considered to be a bit firmer compared to the average one, still it will offer a good contour as well as a slight degree of push-back.

  • …you want adequate responsiveness.

The mattress will provide substantial contour as well as responsiveness to keep you from being stuck.

  • …you like the feel of memory foam, but you don’t want to sleep hot or to get stuck in the bed.

This mattress will handle the feeling stuck and heat retention issues excellently.

  • …you want a removable cover.

Not everyone can offer an easy to remove the cover. However, this mattress provides a removable cover that is considered to be an extra advantage on your part.

  • …you sleep with a partner.

This mattress offers limited motion transfer wherein you would sleep undisturbed by your partner turns and tosses during the night.

  • …you want a value for money product.

The prices of these products are quite affordable, and they sell online exclusively. They make sure that they will not spend too much money when it comes to marketing as this will be great savings on the part of their clients.

On the other hand, some people might not find this mattress a good option on their part. This isn’t the right mattress if:

  • …you prefer a traditional spring mattress feel.

If you don’t like the memory foam feel and you prefer the traditional spring feel, Live and Sleep mattress isn’t for you.

  • …you want an especially firm or soft feel.

This mattress offers one firmness level that isn’t right for every type of sleeper. There are some sleepers who want a very firm or softer mattress. If you belong to them then this isn’t ideal for you.

  • …you like sleeping in the mattress.

If you like being stuck in the mattress then you must not pick this one.

There are indeed considerations that you must take note in deciding whether to purchase a mattress from Live and Sleep.

How About the Materials and Construction?

Live and Sleep luxury mattress is a 12 inches mattress that is made up of three layers of memory foam. And these are:

  • 2.5 inches top comfort layer that is designed to offer body hug at the same time ensure providing pressure relief.
  • An inch of transition layer which provides cooling as well as aids in transitioning motion in between the lower and upper layers.
  • 8.5 inches of support layer with high-density performance base foam rendering support for the mattress and a deep compression support for your body.

And also, the cover of this mattress is soothing fabric being selected by hand in ensuring a welcoming soft touch, flexibility and it contours to the shape of the body perfectly. It is also washable and removable intended to complement the conforming construction of memory foam mattress.

Is It Comfortable?

Live and Sleep mattress is an all foam mattress, so it will give the body contour and hug which memory foam is known for and that is without being trapped in the foam. Its comfort layer along with its transition layer both work great in providing the classic memory foam feeling at the same time rendering the small degree of responsiveness.

And the underlying support is also great for supporting the bodies and offering deep compression support too.

What About the Firmness and Support?

As a universal comfort mattress, and this means it comes with only one firmness option. With regards to support, it does a decent job in rendering good support in almost all sleeping positions. It could support the hips and shoulders for side sleepers.

Sinkage and Motion Transfer

Regarding sinkage and motion transfer, most Live and Sleep mattress reviews would talk that it does a pretty good job the same with other mattresses out there. Still, bear in mind that sinkage or motion transfer might also depend on the weight of sleepers. This mattress features foam construction which prevents motion transfer.

Sleeping Hot

This mattress also boasts its ability to provide you with a cool sleep. Nonetheless, some heat retention might still be observed because there is no cooling technology in the layers and because of the all foam construction.


The mattresses from Live and Sleep offer an average amount of off-gassing once taken out of the box or packaging and this could be expected from almost all foam mattresses. This odor will dissipate within the night anyway.

Customer Service

You can also expect standard customer service offerings by Live and Sleep mattress such as the 100 nights of sleep trial, 20 years of warranty and free shipping as well.

The said trial period is indeed an impressive thing about this product. Once you aren’t satisfied with buying this product after more than three months, you could send it back for free. The company has a very straightforward and easy return policy, so you will not think of any risk at all.

Set Up, Installation and Maintenance

And of course, setting up the mattress is made a lot faster and easier. You just need to follow these steps:

  • After arrival, unpack the product item in the room you want to keep it in.
  • Cut the outside layer off the mattress carefully with the use of scissors.
  • Roll out the mattress and cut off the remaining plastic then watch it expands.
  • Finally, get in and relax. You can now enjoy your new memory foam mattress by Live and Sleep.

With regards to maintenance, a foam mattress might absorb moist a lot easier, so be careful not to spill anything on it. You shouldn’t wash the mattress and to remove the stain, you can use a mild shampoo along with a lukewarm water.

A cotton pad could be used to spot clean it. And let air dry it naturally. It isn’t flippable too. Instead, rotate the mattress at least every six months for equal comfort on all sides.

Why Choose Live and Sleep Mattresses?

Here are some of the reasons why choosing to buy a mattress from Live and Sleep is a wise choice:

  • Soothing sleep because the conforming memory foam will envelop your body at the same time will cradle comfort for a better sleep at night.
  • The mattresses are also eco-friendly, and they are Certi-PUR certified as they used fewer chemicals.
  • You will feel refreshed because of the High-Density Support Core which will provide the body the right support to let you wake up rejuvenated and refreshed in the morning.
  • There is also a 2-day free shipping to some areas.
  • And there is also a noble cause behind this mattress wherein the part of every purchase will go to a charity.

For these reasons, would you still doubt whether a Live and Sleep mattress is a right pick?

Pros and Cons

For some pros and cons of these mattresses, consider the following:

  • Great for back sleepers due to good support
  • Minimal motion transfer
  • No off-gassing
  • Affordable price
  • Lower responsiveness
  • Thick and heavy mattresses
  • Too firm for side sleepers

Final Verdict

To sum up these Live and Sleep mattress reviews, you will definitely get a good sleeping experience if you prefer to buy this one. Though there are certain minimal issues, still numbers of great things are as well guaranteed.

It offers considerable excellent qualities that matter a lot. Though not the best, for some, this mattress is highly recommended particularly to those that are on a tight budget and you want a deep compression as well as support together with nice design.

So, Live and Sleep mattress can be your bed choice! Share with us your thoughts about this review and we’ll be happy to discuss things with you! Happy reading!

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