How to Stop Someone from Snoring? The Solutions You Need to Know

Have you ever experienced an interrupted sleep because someone beside you snores a lot? This case is so irritating, am I right? Of course, we all want to have a quality sleep. Thus, if someone snores then a good sleep couldn’t be achieved. That’s why you need to know how to stop someone from snoring, and I am happy to say I’ve got some solutions!

How to Stop Someone from Snoring

How to Stop Someone from Snoring

Snoring Defined

First, let us define what snoring is. Snoring is often referred as a harsh or loud sound which could happen as you sleep. It happens once the flow of air makes the tissue in the back of your throat vibrate as you breathe.

Most often, this kind of sound occurs as you breathe in air and could come through the mouth, nose or even a combination of two. And this happens during any stage of sleep only.

At some point in their lives, about half of people snore. It is a more common thing for men, though many women do snore as well. It also appears to run in the families and could be more common once you get older.

What are the Causes of Snoring?

Knowing the fact that people snore because of different reasons, it would be best to understand the causes behind this action. The moment you know why you snore, you could find the best solutions to a deeper and quieter sleep – not just for you but someone beside you too.

So, here are some of the common causes of snoring that you should learn:

  • Age

The moment you reach the middle age and beyond, the throat becomes a lot narrower, and the muscle tone in the throat also decreases. Of course, you can’t do anything about growing older, and there are things you can do to prevent snoring such as new bedtime routines, throat exercises, and lifestyle changes.

  • The Way You Are Built

It is a fact that men do have narrower air passages compared to women, so there is a higher chance for them to snore. There are physical attributes that might contribute to snoring as hereditary such as enlarged adenoids, a narrow throat, and a cleft palate.
But again, you have no control over your gender or build instead you can only control the snoring.

  • Being Out of Shape or Overweight

Poor muscle tone and fatty tissue could contribute to snoring. Though you aren’t overweight in general, snoring could happen if you carry excess weight just around the throat or neck. Losing weight and exercising might be all you need to avoid snoring.

  • Smoking, Alcohol, and Medications

Smoking, alcohol intake and some medications like tranquilizers could also increase muscle relaxation, therefore, leading to more snoring.

  • Sinus and Nasal Problems

A stuffy nose or blocked airways might make inhalation a lot harder and will create a vacuum in the throat resulting in snoring.

  • Sleep Posture

The flesh of the throat will relax as you sleep flat on your back and this will block the airway. It could help a lot if you change your sleep position.

And there are other more severe causes behind snoring. Snoring might mean sleep apnea or a severe sleep disorder wherein the breathing is a bit interrupted many times every night. You can observe that regular snoring will not interfere with the quality of sleep.

But with sleep apnea, if you are experiencing extreme fatigue as well as sleepiness during daytime, it might be an indication of sleep apnea or some other sleep-related breathing issues. You can already call a doctor once you or someone beside you have noticed some of the following:

  • Snoring slowly and loudly and becomes tired during the day.
  • Stop breathing, choke or gasp as you sleep.
  • Falling asleep during inappropriate times like during a meal or a conversation.

These are the causes of snoring, and you should always be aware of these to come up with the best solution to the said matter. For the anatomy of snoring, watch this:

How to Stop Someone from Snoring?

Now, let us come to the primary goal of this article, and that is to help you find out the best and natural solutions on how to stop someone from snoring. You need to understand and follow the things below:

  • Changing Sleep Position

If you lie on your back, it will make the base of the tongue, and the soft palate collapse into the back wall of the throat, therefore, will lead to a vibrating sound as you sleep. This could be prevented through sleeping on the side instead.

  • Lose Weight

Bear in mind that weight loss could help some individuals but not all. There are many thin people out there that snore too. If you have gained weight, then you begin snoring, but you actually didn’t snore before gaining weight, it is a great help to lose weight.

  • Avoid Alcohol

Sedatives and alcohol reduce the resting tone of the muscles at the back of the throat. And this would make you snore more. If you will drink alcohol 4 to 5 hours before you go to sleep, then snoring gets worse. So, it is best to avoid alcohol to prevent too much snoring.

  • Practice Good Sleep Hygiene

Poor sleep hygiene or poor sleep habits could affect the same with drinking alcohol. Say for instance, if you are to work for long hours without having enough sleep would mean that you finally hit the idea of being overtired.

So, better make sure that you observe proper sleep habits to avoid snoring.

  • Open Nasal Passages

Once snoring begins in your nose, it might help a lot to keep the nasal passages open. Why? Well, this would allow the air to move through a lot slower. Once the nose is congested or narrowed due to a cold or some other blockages, this fast-moving air would produce snoring.

You can also get a hot bath before going to bed in order to help in keeping the nasal passages open. Besides, you can have a bottle of saltwater solution in the shower and rinse the nose out through it as you are showering.

In rinsing out the nasal passages, you can also use the neti pot along with a salt-water solution. The nasal strips might also work in lifting the nasal passages then open them up once the problem exists in the nose and nor within the soft palate.

  • Change the Pillows

Snoring could also be due to allergens in the bedroom or the pillow specifically. You should at least dust the overhead ceiling fan or replace the pillows.

Indeed, dust mites could accumulate in your pillows, and so this might lead to allergic reactions leading to snoring. If you also allow the pets to rest on the bed will cause you to breathe in the pet dander which is another common irritant.

Consider putting the pillows in the air fluff cycle every couple of weeks and replace the pillows every six months as for keeping the dust mites as well as allergens to a minimum. You should always keep pets out of the bedroom as well.

  • Always Be Well-Hydrated

You should consider drinking plenty of fluids. If you are dehydrated, the secretions in the soft palate and nose become stickier, and this can make more snoring. It is advised that women must have at least 11 cups of total water a day while men need about 16 cups.

Those are the things that you should do to avoid too much snoring as you sleep. Indeed, these ways could indeed help those who are looking for solutions on how to stop someone from snoring.

How to Deal with Complaints About Snoring?

Definitely, there could be complaints about snoring. And your partner is the one suffering a loud sleep because you don’t have any idea that you are snoring loudly. Though not a big deal at all, in some cases, snoring can be a cause why there is a relationship turmoil.

That’s why doing something is a wise step to consider. However, there are things to keep in mind as both of you deal with finding the best solution to such kind of problem. Some of these are the following:

  • Remember that snoring is referred as a physical issue. It is nothing to be ashamed about. Improving the situation is in your hands.
  • You should avoid taking the problem personally. You shouldn’t take the frustration of your partner as a personal attack or critique.
  • Take your partner seriously. There is a need to avoid minimizing complaints. Indeed, lack of sleep is known as a health hazard, and this might make your partner feel miserable every day.
  • You must also be clear that you are prioritizing the relationship. You will both do the right thing to cure snoring if you and your partner have such kind of understanding.
  • Address inappropriate behavior. Sleep deprivation could lead to moodiness as well as irritability, always let your partner know that it is not okay for them to snap or throw an elbow jab at you once you are snoring.

You and your partner should remember these things for a successful attempt of curing snoring problems. Watch this to help you fix snoring and sleep apnea:

When to See A Doctor?

It might be hard for you to determine how often you snore and also the source of snoring. Once you have a partner or a roommate, you can ask them regarding your symptoms as well as snoring frequency. You could also identify some of the common signs and these include having nasal congestion, breathing from the mouth and waking with a parched throat in the morning.

And some other signs showing that the snoring is a lot more frequent or severe are the following:

  • Napping frequently
  • Waking often during sleep
  • Having hard times with concentrating or memory
  • Sleepy during daytime
  • A sore throat
  • High blood pressure or chest pain
  • Gasping for air or even choking once sleeping

Indeed, if snoring occurs a lot often, you already need to talk to the doctor. You might have a severe condition or sleep apnea. The doctor would conduct tests or might even perform a sleep study in determining the snoring patterns.

Once the doctor stabilizes the snoring frequency, you might work together in creating a treatment plan to deal with your symptoms. So, it is best to know when the right time to see a doctor is.

Medical Treatment for Snoring

And some of the medical cures that you can consider as the answer on how to stop someone from snoring include the following:

  • Laser-assisted Uvulopalatoplasty

This one would use a laser in shortening the Uvula and making small cuts in the soft palate. Once the cuts heal, its surrounding tissues will become stiff therefore will prevent any vibrations which trigger snoring.

  • Continuous Positive Airway Pressure

There will be a machine at the bedside blowing pressurized air into the mask which you wear over the face or nose in order to keep the airway open.

  • Somnoplasty

This treatment utilizes low levels of radio frequency heat as for eliminating tissues of the soft palate and uvula which vibrate during snoring. This procedure is also performed under local anesthesia and would take at around 30 minutes.

  • Palatal Implants

Also known as the Pillar procedure, this one involves the idea of inserting small plastic implants to the soft palate that help in preventing a collapse of the soft palate which causes snoring.

And there are other medical treatments or surgical procedures that might be considered by those that are having worries about their snoring.


There you have it! You can always count on this article to help you on how to stop someone from snoring. I have included essential information that you might need to deal with your or your partner snoring problems.

Again, bear in mind that doing the right solution is the key to more quality and proper sleep, both for you and your partner. Hit like, post your comments below and share the article too!

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