How To Sleep With Your Eyes Open? Can You Really Do This?

Do you think you can really sleep with your eyes open? How is this possible? Is there any way on how to fall asleep with your eyes open? But don’t you know that humans couldn’t train themselves to fall asleep with eyes open the same with how reptiles can. However, some humans could do this, but they are the ones who are suffering from specific sleep disorders or injuries such as Nocturnal Lagophthalmos. Still, the act of sleeping with eyes open can be achieved in some other ways, and those ways will be discussed below so continue reading fellas!

How To Sleep With Your Eyes Open

How To Sleep With Your Eyes Open

Methods On How To Sleep With Your Eyes Open

Yes, in most cases, it is really impossible to sleep with eyes open because usually humans do sleep through closing their eyes. But, I have some methods here that you might want to try including taking a short power nap and meditating with eyes open. Here we go!

Napping Without Being Noticed

The first method that you might consider is to nap without being noticed. How to do this? Follow these steps:

  • Recognize the benefits of short naps.

You can improve the memory, energy, concentration and focus if you will fall asleep even for 10 minutes. Napping must be considered as an asset in improving productivity. You can consider building naptime explicitly in the schedule for you to minimize your potential either at school or work.

However, it is not recommended that you take a long nap as it would increase the idea of being noticed without having the maximum benefit. Keep the naps just a few minutes length once at work or school.

  • Look for a secret place to nap.

Ideally, you can nap in complete privacy in order for the bosses or colleagues don’t realize that you are napping. Look for an out-of-the-way place wherein you could stretch out and close your eyes for a few minutes. Once you can, consider your office, bathroom, car, or a seldom-used storage room as your options.

  • Sit right at the back of the room.

Of course, napping in private is not always an option. Try getting a seat toward the back of the room or away from the teacher or speaker. Have some space to rest without getting caught. So long as you remain at the back of the room, someone would notice that your eyes are closed.

  • You can wear sunglasses too.

Once you feel like you’re too sleepy, wearing sunglasses could help. You can sleep more effectively within a dark environment at the same time you will not be noticed too. In fact, nobody will know that your eyes are closed.

As an alternative, wearing a cap or hat wherein you could pull over the eyes during crucial moments.

  • Maintain a good posture.

A slumped posture along with a slack jaw, open mouth, and open palms might draw attention to the nap than the eyes. If you fall asleep in public, consider resting your elbow on the desk in front and bend the arm 90 degrees. And then prop the head up on a closed fist. This would help in keeping the head upright and would disguise the nap.

  • Have an ally.

Well, if you really want to nap among colleagues or fellow students, you can look for a friend that can assist you once you are in danger of being noticed. This friend can wake you up once your name is called. Of course, you also need to return the favor if that friend also wants to take a secret nap.

  • Be aware of the power as well as the danger of microsleeping.

Microsleep is referred as the condition wherein your brain falls asleep once you are in the middle of a certain task like working or driving. The eyes might remain to be open, but the brain is not normally functioning. This might be a dominant condition knowing that nobody could realize that you are asleep and the eyes might remain open too.

Nevertheless, this is as well a dangerous situation mainly if you are driving a car or once operating a machine. This issue could happen if you suffer an extended period of poor sleep and might be more typical among those people who work as second and third shifts.

You couldn’t do this intentionally as this is caused by chronic exhaustion and sleeplessness.

Meditating With Eyes Open

And for the second method, if you are looking for a way on how to sleep with your eyes open, why not just try the following steps:

  • Learn the benefits of meditation first.

Meditation could improve the focus, energy, concentration and overall happiness. It can also reduce the stress levels significantly. There are also studies which demonstrate the fact that those who practice daily meditation can be more optimistic in life.

  • Bear in mind that meditation could mimic but cannot entirely replace sleep.

Besides, meditation could allow the brain to cycle in between beta waves and alpha waves. If you meditate, you are not replacing the sleep cycle. But, you are giving the brain a rest period that it requires to be fully awake during beta cycles. For the sleep-like benefit, 10 to 15 minutes of meditation is excellent.

  • You can tell yourself that meditation could be done with eyes open.

The majority of people expect that meditation needs closed eyes. But, there are specific methods of meditation which don’t require you to close your eyes. In some cases, some people feel rejuvenated and refreshed once open-eye meditation is experienced.

The said kind of meditation is useful to those who have to integrate the meditation in the public transit commute, school day or workday wherein you can meditate without being noticed. Just find a place wherein you can sit and a few minutes to ponder.

  • Look for a quiet and dark place to practice some meditation techniques.

As much as possible, it is best that you pick a quiet, dark, and calm place to practice this kind of meditation. If you become more advanced, you can even meditate amidst a busy classroom or workplace. However, to begin with, dimly lit space at home is an excellent choice. Just close the blinds and turn off the devices to eliminate any distractions.

  • Be comfortable.

There is a need to keep the back upright yet loose and sit comfortably. Most people would enjoy sitting in the lotus position to meditate. Still, you are free to meditate in any way that will make your body relaxed. There is just a need to maintain a non-slumping and good posture. You might sit on the chair, or kneel and even lie down once you want. Simply keep the hands open and loose therefore resting in the lap.

  • Try focusing on two sets of objects at once.

Of course, you will not meditate with eyes open immediately. To build up this skill, try practicing having each of the eyes focus on the different object. Pick an object to the left to focus on and an object on the right. And try maintaining this dual focus so long as you can though it’s just for a few seconds.

  • Breathe deeply.

And if you are already used to focusing on two sets of objects at the same time, start integrating deep breathing exercises. Breathe in through the nose for five seconds and release through the mouth slowly. Your goal here is to make deep breathing automatic, so you don’t have to count in your mind.

  • Integrate an open-eye meditation into your daily life.

If you have mastered this kind of meditation in a controlled and calm environment, you can start bringing it into your daily life. At first, it is challenging, but you should be forgiving and patient as well. Let the body be the source of relaxation and calmness amidst distracting and chaotic world. Sooner or later, you can achieve a focused and restful state with your eyes open wherever you are.

Final Thoughts

So, can you really do sleeping without having to close your eyes? I doubt if you can unless you have the said sleep disorder or injury. However, the ways mentioned above are best considered if you are too eager to experience how to sleep with your eyes open.

Trying them will not make you a master of sleeping open eyes somewhat it will help you experience napping without being noticed or meditating without having to open your eyes which serves to be the norm for the majority.

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