How to Find a Leak in An Air Mattress: Try These Best Methods Now

If you are on the go, no doubt that an air mattress is a comfortable option, right? There are many reasons behind this such as air mattress doesn’t consume much space once deflated and it could be stored anywhere a lot easier. In fact, air mattresses are multi-purpose and are used in the whole world. However, have you experienced asking “how to find a leak in an air mattress?”

How to Find a Leak in An Air Mattress

How to Find a Leak in An Air Mattress

Well, if yes, I would love to share you the answer to that question. I know how hard it is to find leaks in your air mattress, but with a proper guide, you’ll definitely do it right!

What is an Air Mattress?

First things first! What is an air mattress, anyway? Basically, this kind of mattress is an inflated sack that is made of plastic or rubber. Most air mattresses are constructed of PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride that is a kind of polymer. Others are created out of rubber.

They are being inflated through pumping air into the valve using a pump and even by mouth. And these could be deflated once not in use to be easily stored without having to consume a significant amount of space.

And in daily life, they have many uses. You might take them along on camping trips for you to have a more comfortable night of sleep. They could also be a convenient option once guests sleep over or use them for fun along with kids.

For those who experience back pain, air mattress is great too since the design could adjust itself based on the body weight and shape.

Nevertheless, there is a need for special care to avoid any leakage in air mattress since they are vulnerable to holes. Once proper precautions are considered, you can use air mattresses for a long time. Still, you can detect a leak in the air mattress through different methods.

Things to Do Before Finding the Leak

Before proceeding to resolve the problem, there are significant things to consider. And this will prevent you from making any mistake during the process.

First, why not consider the warranty. If the warranty hasn’t expired yet, you can contact the seller, and you can ask for a replacement. Indeed, this saves both your time and effort.

However, it would be a bit different once the warranty has already expired. This is the time wherein you have no choice but to do the task on your own. Worry not as specific steps could guide you on how to find a leak in an air mattress.

But then again, remember that if you can purchase the best and high-quality kind of air mattress, then you won’t need to experience this kind of issue.

Different Methods on How to Find a Leak in an Air Mattress

To help you find that leak in the air mattress, various methods could help a lot. Some of these methods are the following:

Visual Inspection

This is considered as one of the most straightforward techniques to check the holes in your air mattress. Make sure you are in an entirely lit area to make the inspection successful. And follow these steps:

  • Put the wholly inflated mattress somewhere in your office or home where there is enough light.
  • Begin from the bottom of the mattress wherein leaks happen a lot often.
  • Look for any holes in the surface carefully, and these holes might be small and hard to see.
  • Press the hands against the surface of your mattress. You could quickly detect the area of the hole right from where a hissing air or sound is coming from.

Use Hands to Check Leakage

Of course, your hands could be useful enough to find a leakage in the mattress by doing the following:

  • Completely inflate the air mattress.
  • You have to make sure that the room where you will check the mattress is adequately lit.
  • Through applying a little pressure, move your hands all over the mattress. The area with a hole will release air, and eventually, you will feel it in your hands, or you might hear a hissing sound.
  • Or, you can continuously wet your hands as you check. Why? You will feel the cold air on the skin and would be able to detect the hole a lot easier.
  • Now, move your hands around all the sides slowly.
  • And once you already found the hole, just mark the location and deflate the mattress for you to repair it.

Use a Piece of Tissue Paper

With a use of a piece of tissue paper or even a foil, you can easily find any leak in the air mattress. Just follow these steps below:

  • First, you have to inflate the mattress up until it is full. Also, make sure that you are in a quiet room to test.
  • Put the piece of tissue paper on the surface beginning from the corner.
  • Then, listen for any hissing sound. You can sit on the mattress to let the air out through the hole and locate it as well.
  • Check the entire surface continuously by drawing the piece of tissue paper all over the sides of the mattress.
  • If you find the hissing noise comes from and where it is located, just put a mark next to it.

Use Liquid Solution or Dishwashing Soap

Indeed, dishwashing soap could be used in detecting holes in the mattress. But, this method might be appropriately used for bigger holes. Do this by the following steps:

  • You need to remove all the bedding from the mattress first.
  • Then, move into a broad and open space with enough lighting.
  • Inflate the mattress all the way.
  • Start by inspecting where the valve is because that is wherein most holes happen. There is a need for the valve plug to be inserted entirely into the stem of the valve. Once there’s a problem with the valve, you will not be unable to patch the hole. But if the pipe is inserted correctly, it’s time to look for the holes in the mattress.
  • With warm water, fill the spray bottle and add liquid dish soap. Thoroughly mix it to form a complete solution wherein bubbles would begin to develop.
  • Now, spray the solution on all sides of the mattress. Once there are holes in the area being sprinkled, it would automatically form a bubble.
  • You should continue spraying around the valve, and once bubbles are forming, you need to check again to see once the seal is broken or if there are any holes there too.
  • In proper light, look for the holes wherein the bubbles form. And mark it using a marker.
  • Finally, let the mattress dry first before repairing it.

Submerge in a Tub

And another method of finding a leak in the mattress would include submerging it in a bathtub filled with water. To do so, follow these:

  • Inflate the air mattress, partially. You have to make sure that the value of the mattress is sealed entirely so that no air would pass through.
  • Dip the mattress in the water by sections and also apply pressure on every part.
  • Once there is a hole in a specific section which is dipped in the water, there will be bubbles that would appear.
  • Now, take this section out of the water and look for the leak wherein the bubbles formed.
  • And before you repair, you should allow the mattress to dry, and you can do the patchwork in closing the holes.
  • These are some of the best methods you can consider once you want to find a leak in your air mattress and resolve it as well.

You can watch this video to learn more:

Tips on Finding a Leak in an Air Mattress

Of course, I wouldn’t end this post without giving you some tips on how to find a leak in an air mattress. Here we go!

  • You might stand the mattress up against the wall once it is inflated. This would make it a lot easier to check for the puncture site compared to lying on it or bending over it. And with that, you could quickly flip it around in checking the other side.
  • It is also advised that you check the base of the bed for some foreign objects or protrusions which could have punctured the mattress’ reverse side.
  • Once the mattress has a flocked top, you should use the bubble method or the flock off along with fine sandpaper.
  • It is crucial that you also draw a circle around the hole once you found it as you might not be able to see it again.
  • And of course, check the warranty for repairs which I have mentioned earlier. There are some warranties by manufacturers that are void unless you utilize an official puncture kit. You should inform the seller of the leak and also ask for a piece of advice.

How to Patch a Leak without Patch Kit?

If you do the solution on your own, then you should be guided on whether what to do. Here are the steps on how to patch a leak in the air mattress without using any patch kit:

  • Step 1.

Always remember that this DIY option will void the warranty. Most manufacturers would advise that you should only use patch kits or if not send the mattress to them for repair. So, DIY patches might lead to losing the warranty though considered to be effective.

A temporary fix includes a duct tape. This option could be practical on a short-term basis; still, it has glue that isn’t made to bind to plastic permanently instead it will dry out and fall off eventually.

  • Step 2.

If the leak is on top of the mattress, sand away the soft felt around it. The said fuzz is comfortable since it would prevent the patches or the glue from binding around the leak completely. You can take a wire brush or even sandpaper then lightly scrub away the felt coating up until there is only a plastic around the hole.

  • Step 3.

Cut a square of malleable and thin plastic. Once you don’t have professional patches, you could improvise a patch from those things around your house. Shower curtains and tarps would work well and could be cut to size a lot easier. You need to make sure that the size is enough to cover the leak.

  • Step 4.

Now, attach the DIY patch using a strong glue. You can cover the leak using glue at least the same size of your patch. You definitely need a reliable and strong adhesive like super glue to adhere the patch.

  • Step 5.

Press the patch into the glue and hold it there. You have to use strong and even pressure to press the patch in the glue. Smooth out your patch with fingers and wipe the excess glue around the edges of the patch gently.

  • Step 6.

Put a heavy object on the top of the patch. Wait for about 6 to 8 hours. You can use different heavy books or any heavy objects and put them on top of the patch keeping the pressure as it dries. And once you return, the patch must adhere firmly to the mattress.

For inflating your air mattress, watch this:

Final Thoughts

There you have it! With this guide, you can quickly learn how to find a leak in your air mattress. Just make sure to follow the steps and bear in mind the tips as mentioned earlier! You will indeed fix the problem with your air mattress! Liked this post? If yes, hit like and share your thoughts!

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