How Many Calories Do You Burn While Sleeping? Interesting Facts!

You are familiar with the fact that burning calories is directly proportional to the amount of energy which is being used up as you perform a specific task. So, simply said, no matter what you do, you definitely use energy, and you will burn calories indeed. Breathing, digesting food and even sleeping utilizes energy in the body, and so it burns calories. But, how many calories do you burn while sleeping? Let’s know the answer here!

How Many Calories Do You Burn While Sleeping

How Many Calories Do You Burn While Sleeping

Does Sleeping Really Burn Calories or Not?

Perhaps, you have an idea that our body cells contain mitochondria known as the powerhouse of a cell. It can store the energy which is used up in almost all kinds of activities that we do. And the process of losing weight is the same with this concept wherein a certain amount of calories are being taken in, and some are being burned.

Once we are sleeping, the human body will breathe in heavier as well as continues in pumping blood and oxygen within the entire body. Also, the positions which we change during sleeping might take up energy, and that burns a few calories, eventually.

When we are sleeping, our brain is the most active wherein it should take care of the subconscious that we could see usually in our dreams. It will help the dead cells replace in the body, and the brain also requires to ensure that we don’t miss a heartbeat during the whole process.

Indeed, all these activities will take up energy and so will burn calories in the body. Simply said, yes, even when we are sleeping we also burn calories.

How Does The Body Burn Calories?

Burning calories is a phrase used by people who are trying to lose weight, get fitter or those who are on a diet. However, do you ever think if what does this process entail?

Calories are being stored in almost all drinks and foods, and it is the metabolism that converts them to energy. The biochemical reaction happens, and the calories are being combined with oxygen to release the energy allowing the body to function correctly.

And of course, there are different factors which affect the metabolic rate such as age, weight, and sex.

How Many Calories Do You Burn Sleeping?

Though this seems to be an old question, but really, how many calories do you burn while sleeping?

Most experts would say that calories burned while sleeping will depend on specific factors such as age, sex, weight, and metabolism. No worries, here’s how you can determine the number of calories burned during sleeping.

Let’s say, for instance, you weigh 125 pounds, you approximately burn 38 calories every hour of sleep. It doesn’t sound like a lot of calories were burned. However, if you will multiply that to the advised seven up to nine hours of sleep that you must get each night, it would be a total of 266 to 342 calories for snoozing.

Indeed, the number of calories burned will increase based on the body weight. If you weigh 150 pounds could burn 46 calories per hour or approximately 322 and 414 calories every night. But how are these numbers being calculated? Well, this is all about individual metabolism.

Metabolism is known as a process wherein the body will convert the food into energy for use in most daily activities. So, even keeping the organs running, circulating blood and breathing will cost body calories. The BMR or basal metabolic rate will represent the number of calories that you burn individually a day at rest while you are sedentary. And this includes both sitting and sleeping.

And to calculate the BMR, you utilize an equation which factors in the weight, sex, and age using inches for height then pounds for weight. Bear in mind that the more mass the body has, the more calories would be burned while sleeping, resting and doing some other activities.

On the other hand, men tend to burn a lot more calories at rest compared to women of the same weight since they tend to have higher muscle mass. And remember that muscles burn more calories than fat does at rest.

Things The Body Does While Sleeping Which Burns Calories

Apart from learning how many calories do you burn while sleeping, you should also know the actions you are doing at night that leads to calorie burning. Once the body is consuming energy during sleeping, it is doing many things that help in burning those calories. Some of the few things that the body does as you sleep are the following:

  • Cell Replacement

When we are sleeping, the worn out tissues and cells are being revived because the brain has to focus on the internal body system only and it is not something that we do during the daytime. Hence, the focal point becomes the replacement of the worn out parts of the body and so making the immune system a lot stronger. It seems like recharging the body.

  • Turning and Tossing

Though we considered ourselves to be dead sleep, our body makes sure that we are comfortable or the blood flow to an end isn’t restricted. Thus, we tend to turn and toss all night without having any idea at all. So this process needs energy that our body consume as we sleep.

  • Breathing

During asleep, the brain needs to ensure that in no way there is any compromise in losing breath or heartbeat. The constant acquiring of oxygen and pumping of blood also burns calories. Besides, the brain makes sure that necessary measures are considered once there is a mishap.

Factors Affecting The Number of Calories Burned

Of course, certain factors might affect the number of calories you could burn while sleeping, and these include the following:

  • Eating late will not slow your metabolism.

There might be a temporary increase in the metabolism if you eat before bed through what is referred as thermogenesis. You should not worry if you eat after 8 PM. Foods that are consumed after the said time does not make you gain more weight instead it is about the mindless snacking. Eating large meals before going to bed will make it hard for you to sleep.

  • Losing weight could help.

This could help in boosting the metabolism. Fat will burn fewer calories compared to the muscle once at rest. Once you are overweight, try making an appointment with a dietitian or doctor to discuss a healthy goal.

  • Exercise daily along with strength training.

It will help in burning more calories if you have more muscle mass though you are sleeping. There is a need for you to get in some exercises every day particularly strength training. Once you have trouble settling down during the night, get some exercises several hours before bedtime.

  • Use some supplements with caution.

Those supplements which claim to boost the metabolism must be used with caution or shouldn’t be used at all. Some might contain unsafe ingredients or worse, and they might not work at all. There is always a need to discuss it with the doctor.

  • Caffeine might make a short-term boost.

Caffeine might slightly increase the metabolism. Also, it helps with long-term weight loss. So, drinking caffeinated beverages before bedtime might make it hard to have a good sleep at night.

How to Burn Calories While Sleeping?

Here are several tips on how you can burn more calories as you sleep:

  • You should not go to bed hungry as the body will be in starvation mode. The body will slow down the metabolism process, so the energy is preserved. And this will not help you burn calories.
  • To increase metabolism, it is advised that you eat small frequent meals the entire day than eating three or four meals. Your body will run continuously, and the system will increase eventually.
  • Keep the exercise routine. Have more exercises all throughout the day. Bear in mind too that extra workouts could cause the hormone to be released into the body which doesn’t allow the body to rest then recharge for the next day.
  • Avoid eating a heavy meal before going to bed. Instead of restoring, the body will keep on digesting the food instead.

Final Thoughts

Did you get the answer you are looking for? So, how many calories do you burn while sleeping? Well, the answer is discussed above and bear in mind that there are factors that could affect the number of calories that you might burn as you sleep. And every individual varies when it comes to burning calories while sleeping too!

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