How to Pick the Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers 2018

If you want to get a good night’s rest, finding the right mattress is a big help. But what if you are a stomach sleeper? Do you think any mattress could offer you the best sleeping experience? Unfortunately, not all mattress is designed to address such kind of sleeping position. Instead, there is the best mattress for stomach sleepers that will surely match your type of sleeping style.

Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers

Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers

Good to know that we have vast options out on the market today. All we need to do is to be aware of what are our exact needs and purchase the best product that will answer these needs. So, here we go, let’s find out more about stomach sleeping and the right mattress for you!

Top 5 Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers 2018

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Stomach Sleeping: A Bit Overview

Stomach sleeping is considered to be the least common position from among the different sleeping position wherein fewer people tend to sleep this way. In this kind of sleeping position, the sleepers would put their hands up under the head then turn the neck to a side and bend the knee up toward the head.

Besides, stomach sleeping is also referred to be the worst sleeping position having more downsides than benefits, based on some experts. From a health perspective, this position will help to limit the airway obstruction, which could also mean a decrease in snoring.

However, the downside of this position is that it could create under pressure on the spine right from the stomach and sinking lower to the mattress and out of the line with the rest of the body. Also, once you turn your neck to breathe, this could cause stiffness in the neck from holding it in the twisted position certain hours at a time.

Importance of Good Sleep

The difference between having such a miserable feeling and having a great day is a good rest at night. Though you eat right, take care of yourself and get some exercise, if you fail to get enough sleep, your health will still be at risk.

And for stomach sleepers, if the mattress isn’t the right one for you, there will be good sleep at all. You might find yourself turning and tossing. Even a night without sleep could lead to dangerous results and numbers of long-term risks as well. These are the following:

  • Emotional Distress

If you experience depression, anxiety or some other mental illness, lack of sleep due to a lousy mattress might worsen the symptoms. Or even if you don’t have these disorders, you will find yourself more grumpy and irritable if you are not getting enough sleep.

  • Worsened Memory

Sleep deprivation could affect the brain in specific ways such as continually forgetting the things that you should remember. The mattress could be the culprit for the memory woes. If you don’t get enough sleep every night, you might begin to lose your memory function.

  • Heart Problems

People who don’t get enough sleep every night might put themselves at a higher risk for cardiovascular disease according to the National Sleep Foundation. Though you never smoke, or you stay at a healthy weight or even eat a heart-healthy and balanced diet, lack of sleep could raise the risk.

  • Disease Risk

If you don’t have a proper sleep, there is a higher chance of developing diabetes. You might also increase the possibility of having cancer as well as high blood pressure. And these severe diseases might take years off of your life and could be hard to manage.

  • Weight Gain

Whether you believe it or not, a bad mattress will be the culprit too if you think you are gaining weight. Lack of sleep will make you crave for starchy and sweet foods which leads to gain weight.

  • Immune System Problems

If there is not enough restful sleep, it could make the immune system less equipped to face specific challenges. You might catch a cold if you haven’t slept well and stomach sleepers have to find the right mattress in order to stay healthy.

How Can Mattress Help in Achieving Good Sleep?

But worry no more about the effects of having an improper sleep at night because the right mattress will help to solve these problems. A mattress could help in many ways such as through the following:

  • Contour to the Body

Stomach sleeping will cause more pressure points, so it is essential that you find a mattress which will relieve the pressure. But the best mattress will contour around the shape of the body. Other types of beds could also do this very well.

  • Top Layer

Most of the mattresses offer several different layers which serve unique purposes too. For stomach sleepers, the top layer is crucial. It must be thin and quite soft. And this could help support the more natural curve in the neck and spine.

  • Medium Firmness

Stomach sleepers should buy a mattress which firmness is in the Goldilocks zone. Once it is too soft or too firm, it will not help the flattened spine to relax into a more natural shape. Medium firmness is the best bed to use when in stomach sleeping.

  • Cooling Elements

Since you spend your night on your stomach, you might feel a lot hotter as you sleep compared to other people. Mattress with cooling features could help a lot.

  • Right Material

The typical innerspring mattress would probably cause trouble for stomach sleepers. Memory foam mattresses could support the pressure points and most often better compared to traditional ones.

These are the things that the right mattress could offer you.

Challenges for Stomach Sleepers

If you belong to those that are referred as stomach sleepers, there are several challenges that you might face which include the following:

  • Neck Pain

The neck will be turned to the side once you will sleep with this kind of position resulting to sore or stiff neck along with neck pain and unwanted pressure on your nerves. The proper firmness and support in the mattress, together with the right pillow, neck pain will be prevented. It is advised that you prop the forehead on the pillow to let the head to face down.

  • Back Pain

Stomach sleeping position will cause the spine to hyperextend and will put stress on the back and spine leading to back pain. Those stomach sleepers could help in aligning the spine and the body with use of a firm mattress with a proper pillow and enough support.

  • Pressure on the Back

This position of sleeping will add to the tension and stress on the torso and back from sitting as well as slouching during the daytime. For this back pain and added pressure at night be avoided as you sleep, you should use a mattress with the right pillow and outstanding support to align the spine and the body.

  • Breathing

If you consider stomach sleeping, it could create a challenge when it comes to breathing. The neck is being turned to the side, so the airway isn’t as open as it is in some other sitting, sleeping or standing positions.

It is best that you consider sleeping with your face down in order to prevent blocking airflow. You might as well struggle in terms of getting deep and full breath since the lungs are being compressed under the body’s weight.

Tips on How to Increase Comfort for Stomach Sleepers

With the challenges that you might face if you will consider stomach sleeping, then there are some tips you can use to alleviate these problems. Consider the tips below:

  • Knowing that you carry most of the weight in the hip area, this would lead to misalignment in the lumbar region. In order to overcome this, you have to consider putting a pillow under the hips to eliminate or reduce the said downward bend. Once this becomes uncomfortable, you might think to invest a firm mattress which will lessen the abnormal curvature.
  • At first, it might feel a bit strange but if you sleep without a pillow could straighten the neck significantly and will lead to comfort as you wake up. But, if it is too weird, there is a need to consider buying an adjustable pillow which allows you to make it thinner in meeting your needs.
  • I would also advise to stretch out the spine for at least a few minutes right after waking up in the morning. Yoga will teach you the famous child’s pose, and it will focus on stretching out your back.
  • You should also avoid bringing your one leg up toward the side since this will only twist the lumbar area into an even more unnatural position that causes more pain.
  • Purchasing the full-body pillow should be considered. Some of these pillows will offer complete positioning abilities, letting you lay your face down as you do once on a massage table.

You should bear these tips in mind in order to avoid any pain as you choose the stomach sleeping position.

Mattress Key Features to Look For

If you are out and will shop for the best mattress for stomach sleepers, it is best that you know the key features that you should look for since you will be bombarded with vast options out there. Some of the key features are as follow:

  • Quality of the Materials

The layering or the design of the mattress is indeed crucial. Still, the materials used in building the design is a lot more vital. There could be defects once the mattress is constructed with shoddy components. It might break quickly and would not meet your expectations too.

In examining the quality of the materials, you should begin by looking up the detailed specs of the mattress. You should look at its thickness of every layer and the materials utilized. Be wary if you notice that any layer appears to have cheap components.

  • Excellent Value

It would be great to buy the best mattress, yet you will not be required to spend too much from your pocket. To get the best value, consider comparing your choices. Doing a thorough search for discounts or coupons before making a final purchase can also be considered.

  • Well-Designed Comfort Layer

There is a need for you to be skeptical of those mattresses with thin comfort layer. Though it is built with high-quality foam, an inch only of a comfort layer will not offer the needed support. As much as you can, choose the one with at least three inches thick.

  • Easy and No-Risk Returns

The no-risk return policy is a standard feature that is being offered by most manufacturers and sellers, especially those that are selling online. And as part of the said policy, a company might render a sleep trial wherein you could use the bed at home for a specified period only.

The said period might range from 30 nights up to 365 nights, but most companies would only offer 100 nights of sleep trial. And during this period, you could return the mattress and get a refund. In some cases, the company would even pay for the return shipping fee, if there’s any.

It would be great if you will be able to find a mattress that offers this feature but also read the terms carefully and as much as possible look for a mattress that provides simple and no-risk returns.

  • Free Shipping

And another great feature that a company should provide is free shipping of the mattress. Look for a seller that will be responsible for paying the shipping fee in order to deliver the product right to your door with additional and hidden costs at all.

These features are essential, especially if you want to shop for the right mattress that will answer your needs as a stomach sleeper.

What to Consider for Stomach Sleepers Mattress?

Indeed, it isn’t recommended that you sleep on the stomach, but for other people, this sleeping position is the most relaxed one.

If you are one among those dedicated stomach sleepers, you have to arrange the sleeping surface along with the pillows and mattress in order to reduce the possible negative impacts that the said position can offer.

Some of the most important factors to consider are the following:

  • Firmness

Firmness has this ability to influence support, but this refers to the feel and softness of the mattress from a comfort perspective. You should be wary of those mattresses that are definitely plush since sinking into the bed might make it a lot harder to breathe as you face down and it might cause the body to trend toward a U shape.

Also, the firm mattress could be too hard for those stomach sleepers to get positioned comfortably. Most of them do best with the medium to medium-firm bed which fall in between a 4 to 7 on the regular firmness scale. If the weight is higher, then higher than 4 to 7 firmness range must be considered.

  • Responsiveness

The responsiveness of the mattress to the weight and pressure of the body will be the determining factor of the mattress amount of support. A mattress is considered to be responsive if it offers to cushion in proportion to the position of the body on the mattress.

This will help in aligning the spine without excessive curvature and bending. So a stomach sleeper would need a bed that is responsive enough in cushioning the torso at the same time without letting the abdomen to sag as to warp the alignment of the spine profoundly.

  • Durability

Knowing that a mattress is an item that you will use every day, it is vital that it should stand up to regular use. Once the mattress begins to break down earlier, the consequence is that it will weaken the mattress in the center wherein the most pressure is frequently applied.

So, for stomach sleepers, this could be a problem that might result in an extreme amount of sagging of the mattress abdomen. In order to avoid this, it is best to look for a product that is built with a high emphasis on high-quality materials and a product with a history of outstanding durability.

  • Reviews

Of course, for you to find the best mattress for stomach sleepers, considering the reviews of other customers who have already purchased the product will help a lot. Nevertheless, you need to consider only those proven reviews which came from verified purchases or from independent evaluators.

Keeping these factors in mind as you shop for a mattress intended for stomach sleeping is an excellent help making the process a lot easier and faster as well.

Proper Care and Maintenance

And I will also love to share some tips on how you can maintain your mattress. Indeed, wear and tear might probably break down the surface of the mattress, but there are things that you could do to keep the mattress in its best shape as possible and also to improve the cleanliness of the surface where you sleep on. You can do some of these tips:

  • Use Pads

Mattress pads are considered as the best way in order to prevent debris and dirt and also moisture from illness, night sweats or bodily excretions from invading the inner core of the mattress. You know that when it comes to a mattress, deep washing isn’t possible so make sure to avoid anything from seeping down past of the surface letting it remain healthy and fresh for numbers of years.

  • Keep the Tag

Of course, it is not against the law if you remove the tag. Instead, the warning on the label regarding removal is for the sellers and manufacturers. Nonetheless, the tag will have the crucial information needed for warranty use and identification so better keep it in place.

  • Air it Out

You should regularly air out the mattress. New beds carry an odor from shipping and packaging especially the foam type mattress. However, all mattresses would gather smells from the body as well as atmosphere emissions over a period. You should let the mattress air out in a well-ventilated area or open all the windows of the bedroom as you change the sheets leading to best results.

With these simple tips, you will surely have an adequately maintained mattress that will also last longer.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Q: Is it possible to get a good night sleep for a stomach sleeper?
  • A: If you are comfortable that way, then why not. Stomach sleeping could just be a habit or could be a way to be comfortable. So long as the mattress is firm enough at the same time reduces pressure points, then it is possible to get a restful sleep at night.
  • Q: Is it healthy to sleep on my stomach?
  • A: It doesn’t mean that sleeping on the stomach is unhealthy. But, many would say that side sleeping, or another sleeping position is a bit more excellent option for the body.
  • Q: Is there a need for a plush or a firm mattress?
  • A: The best choice is a medium to firm mattress that is edging more towards the medium level.
  • Q: Does a good pillow matter a lot or is the mattress selection be the focus only?
  • A: Numbers of problems with back pain and neck pain might happen if you will sleep facing down on the right mattress but having a taller pillow. The lower profile would allow the entire body to lie reasonably flat all throughout the night wherein no part of the body is unnaturally elevated. So, for stomach sleepers, it is ideal to avoid added pains and aches through a low-profile pillow.

Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers Reviews

Let us come now to a crucial part of this article. We will look deeper into the chosen products to choose which one from them is the best pick.

  • Snuggle-Pedic Mattress

  • Dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic
  • Cover made of lycra, polyester and bamboo
  • Eco-friendly
  • Works with adjustable beds
  • Customized firmness adjustments
  • Made in the USA
  • 20 years warranty
  • 90 days guaranteed refund
  • Very plush mattress
  • Cover should be dry cleaned, or hand washed only

This product might be the mattress you are definitely looking for. It uses Flex-Support Technology which offers the firm support of the traditional mattress at the same time giving the softness of the memory foam.

Also, this product offers a patented airflow transfer system which will keep you cool during hottest nights. Plus, the breathability of the mattress would keep dust mites as well as allergens out therefore lengthening the life of the mattress at the same time keeping you healthy.

Along with that, this item comes with a washable and removable cover. It also offers four months of sleep trial together with an excellent return policy. You have the option of customizing the mattress for to properly work for your needs. This is a plush mattress that you should be aware of which serves as a perfect option to sleepers who want a soft and comfortable bed.

  • CR Memory Foam Mattress

  • Ventilated gel and Air cell memory foam
  • Certified safe memory foam
  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight
  • Outstanding support
  • Not removable cover

For the second spot, this mattress renders a medium to firm support for the stomach sleepers who want a mattress with memory foam which doesn’t significantly sink with pressure. The said item has three layers of foam providing the optimal night rest.

It also has two top layers which are ventilated in order to let the greater air circulation and the top layer also has a gel for cooler nights. Its base layer is 7.5 inches of polyurethane foam intended for rigid and sturdy frame.

Besides, this mattress offers a poly-jacquard fabric cover which is soft to touch. And the fiber glass cloth is also flame-retardant for safety purposes.

  • WinkBeds Mattress

  • True hybrid and very durable
  • High-medium firmness
  • Cool & Affordable
  • Outstanding workmanship and stitching
  • Certi-PUR certified
  • 101 days of free trial and 100% money back guarantee
  • A bit heavy since it is a spring mattress

Stomach sleeping will lead you to experience a hammock effect and so it might strain your lower back. To prevent this, there is a need for you to sleep on a firm enough bed and this one from WinkBeds could serve as a wise choice.

It is a high medium firm mattress firm enough to offer comfortable sleeping and a soft item as well that will not let you feel like you’re lying on a plywood. This item offers numbers of great features that every stomach sleeper will love.

This mattress is affordable allowing you to enjoy such a comfortable bed for a longest time at a great price. It features multilayer construction style allowing you to experience different materials made in one. And there are three types of foams featured in this mattress making you sleep comfortable as it contours to the curves minimizing the movement.

Plus, it is so breathable along with great pushback support making you feel cool as you sleep at night.

  • Bear Mattress

  • There is no off gassing
  • Celliant cover reducing pains and aches
  • Quality materials with great price
  • A bit plush for heavy ones
  • It lacks edge support

You don’t want to experience back pain, right? It could make everything a lot more difficult such as when it comes to falling and staying asleep. In this case, the right mattress is much needed. So, this fourth product is the best pick.

The said product was developed with athletes in mind and there is a use of Celliant technology in the cover which has proven to reduce pains and aches. For those who carry a lot of weight, this might not be firm enough as the ILD of this combined product is only about 23 pounds.

On the other hand, this mattress could be too plush for some heavy stomach sleepers. It is very comfortable, and you feel more rejuvenated as you wake up in the morning.

  • Sierra Sleep Mattress

  • Appealing exteriors due to the luxurious knit covers
  • High level of contouring
  • Easy to transport and store
  • Green tea extracts to eliminate odors and active charcoal for moisture absorption
  • Great mattress for couples having irregular sleeping habits
  • Too soft for some stomach sleepers

For those who always find yourself sleeping on your stomach, it is crucial to find the mattress that will suit this position. There is a need for something that is firm enough for you to be comfortable but enough not to hurt the belly.

Good to know that this mattress offers the highest level of pressure relief, contouring support and weight distribution. Plus, there is a cooling comfort of the Gel in order to regulate the temperature of the sleeper.

It is packed with impressive amount of technology. It also incorporates placed lumbar gel memory foam which no only aids with alignment of the spine but will also remember the contour of your stomach for a better night sleep. And this mattress works together with a very firm coil system allowing even your partner to experience peaceful sleep.

The Winner

And for the winner, the best mattress for stomach sleepers could be the Snuggle-Pedic Mattress. With high quality features designed to address the needs of the said sleeping position, no doubt you will not regret picking up this one. You will definitely have a nice morning even you sleep on your stomach avoiding all the pains or aches that this position could offer.

How about you? Pick the best one now! You can leave your thoughts below! Like and share this post as well!

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