What Are the Best Mattress for Kids? Choose the Best One Now

It is an undeniable thing that selecting the right bed for your kids is a big challenge to deal with. There are many things to consider, and the comfort of the kids seems to be the utmost consideration. That’s why it is advised that you choose only the best mattress for kids to avoid unwanted sleeping issues in the near future.

Best Mattress for Kids

Best Mattress for Kids

Continue reading since I will highlight those key factors which would help you in finding the most comfortable bed perfect for your beloved kids!

Top 5 Best Mattress for Kids in 2018

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Side Effects of Sleep Deprivation

Indeed, sleep has a crucial role for the growing children. Kids need a lot of high-quality sleep. Lack of it or sleep deprivation could have specific effects for children. And these consequences include the following:

  • Tantrums. Lack of sleep could affect the mood of the child, so they might be more irritable and prone to outbursts or tantrums.
  • Hyperactivity. Though it seems to be counterintuitive, sleep deprivation could cause hyperactivity as well as attention issue in children mainly if they aren’t getting enough sleep regularly.
  • Diminished Academic Performance. These issues including irritability and inattention could make it a lot harder for the kids to stay focused and do well in their studies.

If you don’t want for kids to experience these side effects due to lack of sleep, then better make sure that they could comfortably sleep through picking the right bed for them.

The Importance of Kid’s Mattress

So, what could be the reasons why the mattress for your kids is essential? Some of the benefits it could offer are as follow:

  • There is an assurance of good sleep at night.

It is essential to make sure that the kid sleeps on a decent mattress to help their good sleep at night that plays a part in the quality of health and life. Shorter sleep at night could be linked with higher BMI percentile so the child could be obese.

Besides, apart from fatigue, poor sleep habits will also affect the daily habits of the child along with difficulties when it comes to concentrating and remembering things leading to underperformance in school and some extracurricular activities.

  • It will support healthy growth and development.

Choose a mattress that could support enough the growing body of the child. Their bones are still developing, and the mattress must offer that explicit support to make sure that there are no spinal problems to be experienced at all.

  • It is essential to pick the right mattress to grow with them.

Though it could sound unreal, if you pick the best mattress, the kids could maintain the same one from the moment they grow out of the crib up until they move out the home. You need to keep this in mind and select the best one that would last and won’t outgrow the kid.

The Right Size of the Mattress

What could be the right size of mattress that will suit your kids? There are different options to choose from including Twin, Twin XL, and the Full one.

The Twin beds are around 38 x 75 inches, and they are considered as the most inexpensive option you can try. The route is perfect if you have only a child who will use the bed. Since it also has a smaller size, it is easier to fit at home as well. However, it could be quickly outgrown by the kids as they get older.

Next is the Twin XL which adds five inches the length of the mattress. They have dimensions of 38 x 80 inches. You could find a decent choice though you are on a limited budget there would be a need to replace them quickly as the child grows. Nevertheless, they are more expensive and might require sheets which are a bit longer.

And also, you can pick the Full mattress, considered to be the best options. This mattress will add 16 inches to the width making it 54 x 75 inches. This size will let the kids have more room to move around and a lot more room for you to lay in bed next to them. It offers room for growth, and it could be used continuously up until the child grows. But, since it is bigger, it is also the most expensive choice, and it could be hard to fit in some bedrooms.

In determining the right size for the kids, you should consider the current kid’s size, age and the duration whether how long you will use the mattress. And remember that the typical lifespan of a mattress could be six to twelve years.

The Things Needed by Kids in a Mattress

Knowing that there are clear benefits if kids can have a good night sleep, determining how they could achieve that kind of sleep is another issue that should be considered. And a critical aspect is to make sure that the mattress of the kids meets their needs. So, what do kids need in a mattress?

  • Durability

Of course, a mattress is an investment, and it is natural that you want to get as much use of such investment as possible. Though kids don’t weigh like adults, they could still put a lot of wear and tear on the bed mainly if they keep on jumping or playing on it.

The quality of the materials which are used to make it is considered as the single biggest issue which affects its durability. You must look for well-designed components having no weak layers or instances of poor craftsmanship.

  • Comfort

This refers to how the mattress feels. Indeed, firmness is considered as a central part of pleasure and this could be subjective since different people would have different perceptions about firmness level. Comfort might not sound significant as support still it is vital since it could be hard to fall asleep once they are uncomfortable.

In order to make a consistent bedtime routine along with excellent sleep hygiene, you should make the bed a lot more welcoming and be inviting place wherein comfort is a key to that.

  • Support

This is a way of describing how well the mattress works regarding promoting a proper spinal alignment. A mattress with excellent support will provide cushioning in the right places to avoid an unnatural bending of the spine in any direction.

There is a need for a high level of support since spinal misalignment is considered as a primary issue that causes discomfort as well as lower quality sleep.

  • Room to Grow

Of course, kids develop at different rates, and no one will know how quick they will grow. It makes sense to pick a mattress that will offer the child plenty of room to be comfortable and also stretch out though they get bigger.

And this also helps in getting the most value out of the mattress as you would need to replace it with a bigger one.

How to Pick the Best Kids Mattress

Now, let us learn how to pick the right mattress for your beloved kids. Some of the primary considerations when you shop should include the following:

  • Age of the Child

Children can overgrow so the needs of the five years old kids could be a bit different from those two years old kids. The age of the kids could influence the suitable size of the mattress and its optimal level of comfort and support.

Once the kids get older, grow and they weight more, they need more support to promote the spinal alignment. So, before you purchase a bed for a kid, think about their present age and how long they could keep the mattress.

  • Type of Mattress

You might as well consider the type of mattress that best suits the child. The popular ones are the foam mattresses, and they tend to be well-liked by children. Foams could be memory foam, polyfoam, and latex foams.

In general, foams are highly responsive even up to a high body weight letting them provide proportional responsiveness as the kids grow.

Hybrid and innerspring mattresses are other great options. They use a base layer of metal coils which give a higher level of spring to the bed. By layering the foams up above the coils, the mattresses could supplement the springiness with more comfort, supportiveness, and responsiveness.

  • Value and Price

Since there are vast options to choose from, you could easily find products that are at super-premium prices and at cut-rate prices too. In most cases, at the low-end, you will get what you pay for, and it could be hard to find beds made of quality materials which could offer performance and durability.

And on the higher-end, you could be paying for features which don’t contribute to a great sleep at night. So, you can get the best value by purchasing a mattress in between the ultra-premium and bargain basement.

Other Safety Factors

And for some other safety factors, take note of the following:

  • Since kids are no longer in the crib having sides to hang onto, they might bounce right out of bed and might land on something which could harm them. Indeed, bouncy beds are ideal for kids, however, bouncing about having no sides to keep them is considered to be dangerous.
  • Bouncing will reduce the lifespan of the child’s bed. Purchase a foam or a pocket spring mattress. The foam or the memory foam, in particular, might not bounce that much, and the individually pocketed springs might offer them a satisfying bounce.
  • It is also best that you buy a waterproof cover. This will not just protect the mattress from urine, but it as well protects it from contamination of spilled food, drinks, and pastries. The mattress covers also keep the bacteria and bed bugs away from the structure of the mattress, and they are also easy to clean.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Take note some of the frequently asked questions about buying the best mattress for kids below:

  • Q: Is the Twin size the best choice for the kid?
  • A: Yes, it could be very convenient, but it might not be the best size. Why? Only because the kids would outgrow it within a few years. Twin XL or a Full one might be a better option.
  • Q: How firm the mattress should be?
  • A: The firmness depends on the weight of the kids. The most suitable and uniform models must have a medium firmness that encompasses the weight range of the children. Once the kid is heavier, softer solution and vice versa could be used. Or you might use a mattress topper in order to adjust the firmness.
  • Q: What should I consider if the kids have allergies?
  • A: Indeed, dust mites, as well as other pollutants, could trigger the severe allergy symptoms. So, consider some hypoallergenic properties especially if the allergies are significant issues for the kids. Purchase an all-natural and certified product once your kids have allergies.

The Best Kids Mattress Reviews

Knowing more details about the top products could help you break down your decision and pick the best one among the rest. Here are the product reviews:

  • Zinus Ultima Comfort Mattress

  • BioFoam memory foam for comfort
  • CertiPUR-US certified free from hazardous content
  • High-density latex foam for the strong base
  • Bacteria resistant
  • Might lose shape quickly
  • Doesn’t bounce much
  • No springs

For the top pick, this product simply offers the best features for the kids to enjoy. It is available in 8 inches Twin-size. This mattress is an excellent option for children rendering plenty space and extraordinary comfort.

Though considered to be a memory foam mattress, still many parents would want to pick this one over other options. Why? Because it only has two inches thick of memory foam and it has no risk to kids that are old enough to leave the cot.

Memory foam will make sure that kids are sleeping in a right position anatomically. It will also absorb the pressure on the various joints like knees, hips, and shoulders. Overheating is prevented too. They would wake up ready to face any physical challenges.

And this top pick offers the 4 inches of high-density latex foam which provides the primary support layer. There is also a 2-inch layer of pressure-relieving comfort foam which renders the kids with a comfortable sleep. And the memory foam is referred to be Bio Foam which uses natural plant oil than petroleum oil making the bed healthier and fresher.

  • Ultimate Dreams Eurotop Mattress

  • High-end natural materials
  • No harmful materials and hypoallergenic
  • Supportive mattress
  • Breathable, antimicrobial, antibacterial
  • Ten years warranty and 120 nights of sleep trials
  • No springy bounce
  • No indentations
  • A bit expensive

Another great pick is this one that sits on the second spot. If you want a bed with natural materials, or if your kids have allergies and if you want a supportive mattress, this one is definitely the right choice!

Having natural latex, the bamboo infused cover, as well as CertiPUR-US certified foams; this product is an ideal option for parents who are too concerned about toxic materials or off-gassing. It has undergone a high level of testing for those harmful substances. It is even made with a skin-friendly pH level as well as no heavy metals or formaldehyde.

The base is high density, its thick and the poly foam is 8-inch layer making it perfect for absorbing motion and a light sleeper kid. Above the poly foam is the 3-inch layer of Talalay latex providing an excellent level of bounce as well as cushioning.

The latex renders a supportive as well as an adaptive feel for the growing spine of the child and contours the body too. It is also firm enough making it resistant. And most importantly, this mattress is perfect for kids with environmental sensitivities or allergies.

You are also guaranteed with ten years of warranty along with 120 nights of sleep trial.

  • Signature Sleep Contour Reversible Independently Encased Coil Mattress

  • Supports spine of the child and maintain the natural curvature
  • Kids avoid back pains and pressure sores
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • No harmful fumes or chemicals
  • Used to any base
  • Indents might be observed

Third on the list is an 8-inch mattress that is a coil spring one sandwiched between two 1.6 inches layers of high-density foam. It has coil section that consists 480 individually encased 15 gauge 7 inches pocketed steel coils.

With that, individual coils could contour the body of the child and will provide a more comfortable sleep at night by relieving the pressure of the mattress on the spine, shoulders, ships and some other pressure points. And this support offered will help in ensuring that the child grows with adequately shaped spine and excellent posture.

It also comes with a soft cover, and it could be used on different bed bases such as bunk beds, platform and trundle beds, box spring beds and all other kinds of a base which could hold a twin mattress. It is also two-sided, so you could flip it even out to wear. And this product is also low VOC that is CertiPUR-US certified. You are guaranteed that it contains no heavy metals, oxygen depletes and harmful materials. It is as well resistant to bugs and bacteria.

  • LUCID 6 Inch Youth Gel Memory Foam Mattress

  • Best cooling mattress
  • Kids will not sink too much into the bed
  • Not too hot at night
  • Waterproof and removable cover
  • Easy to remove cover
  • Shorter warranty

This product is another great option. It offers benefits of memory foam along with the bonus of gel infusion. In fact, this is considered as one of the only memory foam beds designed mainly for children.

This mattress is fully waterproof, so any accidents or spills could be cleaned with ease. It has a soft and breathable cover that will not cause the kid to sweat at night. Its underside has a non-slip and rubberized backing for it to stay in place though kids are playing.

It is a bed made of 4.5 inches supportive base foam layer along with a thinner, 1.5-inch layer of gel-infused memory foam right on top. It is soft, and it will conform to the body of the child, and it is very supportive having a reasonable level of firmness.

The foams are also CertiPUR-US certified being free from harmful chemicals. It also has a removable cover and five years of warranty.

  • Linenspa Mattress

  • Bouncy
  • Durable
  • Quilted fabric cover
  • Inexpensive
  • Thinner
  • Couldn’t be flipped

For a thinner mattress for kids, you can opt for this one. This bed is a traditional innerspring mattress having a good bounce to it, and the kids will definitely love it!

It has a spring system that is connected hefty gauge steel coils which offer excellent support for the six inches. It comes with a layer of latex foam right above the springs and also a quilted fabric cover. You couldn’t flip it since it’s not double-sided. However, you can turn it in order to extend the lifespan. Of course, this is a durable bed for kids and perfect for those who are on a tight budget.

Final Verdict

From among the product reviewed above, the best mattress for kids for me would be the Zinus Ultima Comfort Mattress. You don’t need to look for other beds, these products above are the right options, and this pick stands out among them. With high-quality features ideal to address the needs of the kids, no doubt quality sleep is guaranteed. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts below!

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