Buying the Best Latex Mattress (A Guide That You Need to Know)

Planning to change your mattress? If yes, what kind of mattress do you prefer now? Why not consider the best latex mattress? Yes, I could tell this option is by far an excellent choice by the majority. So, why not purchase one and try it yourself too?

Best Latex Mattress Reviews

Best Latex Mattress Reviews

I know you might be too hesitant because of the vast options out today. However, having the right information in mind and knowing your exact needs could help a lot. Here I will make your purchase a lot easier!

Top 5 Best Latex Mattress in 2018

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Latex Defined

So, what is a latex? Well, in its raw natural form, latex is considered as a milky fluid which the rubber tree as well as other plant forms, use as protection against herbivores which would eat them otherwise.

It is being tapped by cutting them into the tree and collecting the latex fluid. The water is now removed from the liquid that is mixed with air to create a foamy consistency which is then thickened to produce a flexible dried foam.

Latex is known as one of the best materials used for a mattress construction, because of its natural softness, resiliency, and breathability. It is mainly found in luxury mattresses having high price points and might be used in both the support core and comfort layer.

Types of Latex

And of course, there are different types of latex mattresses which include:

  • Organic or Natural Latex

The natural latex is being manufactured with the use of latex produced from the rubber tree sap. This kind of latex is a bit expensive and might not generally be used in most mattresses sold in retail outlets and showrooms. You might find them online but could be very expensive.

  • Synthetic Latex

This one is manufactured with the use of a raw material which could be polymerized to make a latex-like substance. The styrene is a natural material which is used in creating a form of latex foam, but it has a shorter lifetime and is relatively soft yet is less expensive than the pure latex.

  • Blended Latex

Another type of latex is a blended latex which is a mixture of the synthetic and natural variety. The usual blend might be 20% of organic latex and 80% of synthetic or a 50/50 mix of the two.
Once you buy a mattress manufactured with the use of a blended latex, you have to make sure that the specs will state the blend. There might be a drop with regards to price based on the growing relative proportion of a synthetic latex.

  • Dunlop Latex

The traditional Dunlop process will take the liquid sap extracted from the rubber tree and will pour into the mold. It will then be baked in order to create a block of solid latex. Then it will be allowed to cool and be removed from the mold.

The said technique leads to the inconsistent product since the sediment from the milky liquid will drop to the bottom of the mold once it cools. The result will be latex wherein the top is a lot softer and the base where the residues have accumulated.

  • Talalay Latex

The process for this type of latex begins as the same with the Dunlop, but once the white liquid has been poured into the mold, it is being sealed and put under the vacuum while mixing around. And it will be flash dried before baking.

Since the process will take a lot longer than the Dunlop, this type is a lot more expensive too.

Benefits of a Latex Mattress

There could be numbers of reasons why latex mattress is becoming more and more popular these days. In fact, numerous advantages are guaranteed by this kind of mattress which include the following:

  • Bounce

Though this is considered as a personal preference, still latex mattress is known for having such a great bounce. This will make the mattress excellent for sex, and it could be a lot easier to move around or switch sleeping positions.

  • Durability

Natural latex mattress would typically last a lot longer compared to polyfoam or memory foam. This is indeed a huge benefit.

  • Natural

The only way for a mattress to be considered as GREEN is through a natural latex. Some companies might claim that the mattresses are eco-friendly. However, so long as they use natural latex that isn’t the case. Latex is the only way to a real green mattress.

  • No Stuck in the Mud Feeling

Memory foam owners would complain about the feeling of being stuck in the mattress. Well, that will never be a case when it comes to latex. You will have a susceptible surface, and you will not slowly sink into it. You might as well get excellent pressure relief having no further sinking.

The Feel of Latex Mattress

One of the reasons why latex is famous to most consumers is its distinct feel. For some key attributes, consider the following:

  • Point elasticity is a unique property of a latex wherein it is very elastic and could isolate compression without having to affect other areas of the bed. If the mattress is softer, the point of elasticity level is also higher.
  • Once compressed, this latex will conform to the figure in order to alleviate the pressure points through the body. Though it won’t adjust to the figure as much as memory foam, latex has a natural shape recovery that will make sure you will not cause permanent indentations in the top surface.
  • Also, latex adjusts to the body curves instead of sinking for added pain as well as pressure relief. So, latex is considered to be a wise choice for back and side sleepers with chronic shoulder and back pain.
  • A latex mattress is also available in a wide range of softness and firmness levels. This only means that those sleepers with the various preference would still find a latex mattress which works for them. The softness and firmness in latex are being measured with the use of ILD or impression load deflection.

What Are the Things to Consider?

Apart from the information above, specific factors should be considered once out for buying the best latex mattress. These factors are as follow:

  • Support Core

This is the most elastic and resilient part of the latex mattress. It is designed to maintain the bounciness and will offer substantial pressure relief without having to indent to the curvature of the body permanently.

The all-natural latex will feature a support core that is made of foam, and the support core of hybrid and synthetic models are made from other materials. The most durable support core choice is the all-latex, and it could last longer too.

  • Comfort Layer

Because of the softer feel, the Talalay latex is a lot more popular compared to Dunlop. But, Dunlop is considered to be more durable. Once the budget is your primary concern, the blended Talalay hybrid comfort layer tends to be a lot cheaper choice.

  • Cooling Elements

Latex is known to be the most breathable material being used in mattress construction, so they let you sleep cooler compared to other models.

  • Overall Thickness

The majority of all-latex mattresses would range between six to twelve inches, and the blended ones are eight to twelve inches thick. And for optimal support, the heavier ones should look for an all-latex option which is at least ten inches thick.

Best Latex Mattress Reviews

  • 1, Ultimate Dreams Total Latex Mattress

  • Fire-resistant
  • 10-year warranty
  • 100% Talalay latex
  • No use of chemicals
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • Antimicrobial, hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites
  • Made in the USA
  • A bit hot as you sleep

The first product is referred as a Talalay latex foam being fitted with the bamboo knit and zippered mattress cover that everyone would surely love. It is considered to be 100% latex mattress which consists of six inches as an original 36 ILD core of a Talalay latex foam. And over the core is the three inches of comfort layer of Talalay latex.

Its core could be changed at purchase for a softer 32 ILD Talalay latex or with the Dunlop latex. You might also discuss the best comfort level for you by calling the number rendered once ordering. If you don’t want it, you can also return the mattress for the hardness of the comfort layer to be changed for free. And the total thickness of this mattress is around ten inches.

This mattress will provide you with the assurance of adjusting to the firmness or hardness to meet your needs. This is also an exceptional choice if you have allergies to most dust mites.

  • 2, Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress

  • Best for a side, back, and front sleepers
  • Easy to remove zippered cover
  • No fire-retardant chemicals
  • Made in the USA
  • 10-year warranty
  • Issues with regards to the degree of softness

This one is an impressive option to consider. It is a well-constructed 3-layer mattress which offers excellent comfort and support. It is also topped with quilted organic cotton and wool from New Zealand cover that has been designed as well as manufactured in Chicago.

The mattress is rated as medium hardness. The top layer offers comfort and insulates against the body heat as well as prevent it from passing to the body of the mattress. It also features a 2-inch layer of the 20 ILD Dunlop latex foam and another 6-inch layer of the 34 ILD Dunlop natural latex foam.

  • 3, PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Organic Latex Mattress

  • 25 years of warranty
  • Purely hypoallergenic material
  • Safe mattress because of the pure material
  • Adjustable comfort and firmness
  • Best option for allergy sufferers
  • Organic Dunlop Latex
  • A bit expensive
  • Only 10 inches high

This is a queen size mattress that is 10-inch in thickness. It features medium firmness as well as it is being produced from pure organic latex and has a natural cotton cover. And this one also comes with 30 days of free trial along with 25 years of limited warranty.

This mattress offers excellent features wherein its core foam is made with the use of 100% natural Talalay latex. It also has knitted cover that is made of pure organic cotton. This product as well features three different layers of firmness. These layers come with simple and user-friendly adjustment.

  • 4, LUCID Plush Gel Memory Foam and Latex Mattress

  • Antimicrobial
  • Breathable mattress
  • Natural resistance to dust mites and allergens
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • Superb sleeping surface
  • 25 years of limited warranty
  • A bit heavy
  • Too firm or too soft for some

Another excellent choice is this one from LUCID comprises four layers intended for maximum comfort. It contains a memory foam layer on top to offer pressure relief on the pressure points such as the knees, hips, and shoulders.

Its top layer has an inch of bamboo memory foam that lies over the three inches gel memory foam layer keeping you fresh. Its gel is well-distributed in tiny capsules all throughout the foam in order to collect as well as dissipate the body heat while sleeping. And beneath is two inches layer of the softer natural latex and another 10 inches of high-density support foam intended for ultimate support.

Indeed, this mattress offers excellent orthopedic support as well as reduce the pressure you might feel.

  • 5, Eco Terra Natural Latex and Coil Spring Luxury Hybrid Mattress

  • Zero disturbances while sleeping
  • Super comfortable
  • Free from any odor
  • Well-supported
  • Easy to set up
  • Slightly firm for side sleepers
  • Not ideal for those who want a soft mattress

Another queen size mattress, this one offers medium firmness wherein it is manufactured using 100% pure latex together with fabric encased coils. The used materials are purely organic and natural, and it has organic cotton for additional natural latex feature.

There will be an assurance of great optimism and resilience and it could assist in reducing the feeling of restlessness due to pressure points resistance. This mattress comes with isolated fabric-encased coils which offer optimum support, flawless and uplifting alignment.

Besides, it comes with beautiful pinstripe coated organic cotton fabric cover which enhances breathability. The materials used are all free of chemicals or harsh dyes making this mattress able to meet the GOTS quality standards.

Final Verdict

Without so much to say, I will pick Ultimate Dreams Total Latex Mattress as the best latex mattress out of the options I provided above. With all the great features, plus its average price, we will evidently be satisfied by this product! Feel free to share your thoughts below! Happy reading!

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