Best Innerspring Mattress Reviews: How to Pick the Best One?

Do you have any idea which mattress might serve you best? If you want a bit of bounce at night, then use the best innerspring mattress! Mattresses have developed from original straw-filled and feather-filled bags. And so, an innerspring mattress will offer the best support and bounce that the majority of people wanted.

Best Innerspring Mattress Reviews

Best Innerspring Mattress Reviews

Top 5 Best Innerspring Mattress in 2018

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What is An Innerspring Mattress?

Also denoted to as a spring mattress, the innerspring mattress is primarily built internally of coils and usually consists of three components which are the following:

  • Comfort Layer

This is also coined as the upholstery layer and is made of different fibers or foams to offer comfort and cushioning at the surface. Some of the most common materials used in this layer are the regular polyurethane foam, gel memory foam, visco-elastic or latex. You can also find some cheaper options which have a top layer that consists of cotton, polyester material or polypropylene.

  • Support Layer

This layer is also referred to as the spring core which is the main bulk or the body of the interior providing the support needed as you sleep. There could be several factors to bear in mind when it comes to this layer like the gauge and the count.

  • Fabric Cover

This one is what encases the entire mattress. It could come in all patterns and colors and might be made with polyester yarns. The most expensive mattress might have ticking that contains a combination of polyester with wool, silk, cotton or rayon.

Types of Springs and Coils

There are four main types of coils that you can encounter as you shop for an innerspring mattress. With that, it is essential that you are familiar with each one of them. Here are the types of coils:

  • Bonnell Coils

These coils have been around the longest, and they would feature an hourglass shape which expands and compresses in response to pressure application. These coils are placed in rows and connected through helical lacing along with spiral wire.

It might be tricky if you are to shop for a Bonnell coil. Knowing that they are inexpensive, there might be a cost saving for the customer. It is best to make sure of checking the coil counts and the wire gauges to ensure the durability of the item.

  • Offset Coils

These coils could be a lot the same with the Bonnell coils. They are shaped like the letter D, and they lack the rounded top. And this kind of construction works in reducing the space between coils.

  • Pocketed Coils

These are coils which are wrapped in thin fabric. Without using wire, these coils are connected to tie the unit altogether. And since each coil is being wrapped independently, you could expect a higher degree of motion isolation as well as more contouring support than the Bonnell coils.

  • Continuous Coils

With the use of a single piece of wire, these coils are made by turning the coil into itself. Because the coil does continue, it means there is only one utilized. And this will often increase the motion transfer and could prove to be the least choice if you are sleeping with partners.

Benefits of An Innerspring Mattress

Of course, you can reap vast benefits if you will find the best innerspring mattress from among the vast options available. Some of the benefits will include:

  • Wide Variety

Knowing the fact that innerspring mattress is indeed popular for almost many decades, the manufacturers have really mastered how to deliver a variety of several firmnesses, feels and support levels at the same time using the same coil-based construction.

  • Excellent Bounce

It isn’t surprising at all that these types of mattresses are widely admired due to their bounce. It has a coil support base which offers a fast response time as well as a little fun for more amorous activities.

  • Great Cooling

With regards to cooling, they perform very well. You can observe that foams, particularly the memory foam, might be notorious for heat retention and sleeping hot. On the other hand, the coil construction of the innerspring mattress would mean excellent airflow leading to better cooling.

  • Limited Off-Gassing

Innerspring mattresses don’t contain as much foam as the latex or memory foam mattresses, so they have very little smell too.

  • Wide Price Range

You must be wary of those incredibly cheap mattresses. They might be made with lower quality materials as well as thin gauge coils which would collapse earlier which leads to a sagging mattress. The higher quality ones would use quality steel as well as other materials reassuring that they would last for numbers of years.

How to Pick the Best One?

Once picking for the right product, consider the following:

  • Spring Core

This is regarded as the core of the mattress which offers the support. It has hundreds of coiled springs referred to as the coils. These could take different types which I discussed earlier. You should know whether which type of coils best suit you.

  • Coil Size, Count, and Gauge

The gauge of the coil is its thickness, so there will be more support once the wire is thicker. The gauge is being referenced by a number, mainly between 12 and 18 having low numbers that indicate thicker wire than high numbers.

If you want a hard mattress, you can choose the one that contains 12-gauge coils. There is a need for this detail to be requested since it isn’t included in advertising. On the other hand, coil count refers to the number of coils in your mattress. Though coil count is essential, bear in mind that the gauge and design are crucial too.

  • Mattress Thickness

Thickness is considered to be a matter of preference. The thinner ones tend to be firmer compared to the thicker ones. Larger or heavier individuals might be more comfortable with a thicker mattress. Most of the innerspring mattresses could be used on any base support. However, if you will buy a base for the mattress, check it with the manufacturer or supplier.

  • Mattress Cover

This one encases the mattress, and so it could be made from synthetic yarns like natural fiber or polyester including bamboo or wool. Most of the covers wick away the moisture in order to keep the mattress dry.

Besides, they are as well patterned and offer a lenient surface. And some of them have quilted or pillow tops as to provide a lusher sleeping surface.

Best Innerspring Mattress Reviews

Now, I want you to learn more details about the top products. So, read more below!

  • Signature Sleep 13-Inch Top Mattress

  • Stiffer coils for durability and strength
  • Softer coils for comfort
  • Comfortable sleeping surface because of the pillow top layer
  • Excellent support for adult activities
  • Superb bounce
  • CertiPUR-US certified foam
  • Great partner separation
  • Cannot be flipped
  • Too soft mattress for some
  • Sags over time
  • Long time spent to expand to the correct size

This innerspring mattress is an independently encased coil mattress with a central support layer that covered all round with many cushioned layers. There is a layer of 3-zone foam which forms a soft pillow top that is being coated with bamboo rayon ticking material.

The said features work together in ensuring true motion separation as well as equal distribution of weight over the mattress. There will be an assurance of comfortable but firm base for the pressure points to render support where it is needed the most.

Also, this mattress is fire-resistant, and CertiPUR-US certified which means it is shallow in residual odor, heavy metals, chlorinated hydrocarbons and VOCs.

  • Classic Brands Mercer 12-Inch Mattress

  • Proper support to shoulders, knees, hips, neck and other pressure points
  • Gel memory foam for keeping you cool
  • Exceptional comfort
  • Maximum support, comfort and separation of partner’s movements
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • Free from harmful materials
  • 10 years of warranty
  • Lumps and sags over time
  • The warranty details aren’t clearly stated

This next option has a core of steel coil innerspring which are wrapped individually to compress independently. This will make sure that you will not be affected by the movement of your partner. Great, right?

It also has 5 inches of gel memory foam topping which provide support benefits but also absorb the heat into the gel once you are sleeping. Well, this will lead to an assurance of keeping you fresh throughout the night or day.

Further, to maximize the comfort, there are additional layers of memory foam on top of the support innerspring layer. The entire mattress is also covered with a quilted pillow top knit which allows the bed to breathe and offer a good level of air circulation.

  • Signature Sleep Contour 10 Inch Mattress

  • Good separation of the partner’s movement
  • Low VOC CertiPUR-US certified foam
  • Flippable or reversible
  • Available in different sizes
  • Comes with a breathable knit fabric mattress cover
  • Sags and loses shape over time

Third on the list is a 10 inches mattress which consists of a core of independently pocketed coils in ensuring that the motion of the partner doesn’t affect the other. This could also be fitted with a 2.5 inches layer of foam from each side to make it reversible.

This mattress boasts high-density foam for extra support and comfortable sleeping surface. It also makes sure that the weight is evenly distributed along the mattress in removing the excess pressure on the shoulders, hips and some other pressure points.

  • Zinus Night Therapy Spring 13 Inch Spring Mattress

  • Excellent motion separation
  • Offer maximum support to pressure points
  • Fiber-quilted cover
  • Maximum comfort
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • A bit expensive
  • Heavy mattress
  • Only a year of warranty
  • Might be too hard for some

For a mattress that will offer a great combination of comfort as well as customized support, this one is the right pick. Being manufactured by Zinus, this innerspring mattress will not just keep the spine in its correct alignment as you sleep but will also help in reducing the transfer of motion between partners.

It has a core that comprises 13 inches of pocketed springs. This is indeed a good fit for the majority. This is an ideal choice if you want a mattress that isn’t too soft thus offer excellent support together with a proper separation of movement. You will not go wrong with this one.

  • Zinus Ultima Comfort 13 Inch Spring Mattress

  • Best movement isolation
  • Firm core and good plush feel
  • 10 years warranty
  • Excellent performance and high durability
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • Not consistent firmness
  • A bit expensive

And for the last option, you can have this mattress which comprises a core of 7.5 inches steel coil pocketed springs. It doesn’t only support the contours of the body, but it also isolates the partner’s movements.

And over the springs, there will be two layers of foam. The first one is a high-density foam, and the other one is a pressure-relieving comfort foam. So, together, all these three layers will render a strong core along with a comfortable top which guarantees maximum comfort and support..

Final Verdict

And for the winner, I would pick Signature Sleep 13-Inch Top Mattress. Without so much to say, this one is indeed the best innerspring mattress that you can try for yourself and discover why it’s on top of my list. No doubt, your standards when it comes to innerspring mattress will be achieved by this product! How about you? Which one will you choose? Share your thoughts with us!

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