Best Hybrid Mattress: How Will You Pick the Right One?

We all love that accustomed memory foam shaping and feel. Of course, don’t overlook the bounce and cooling elements of latex or coil built. In this case, we need the best hybrid mattress to fulfill any of our resting or sleeping needs.

Best Hybrid Mattress Reviews

Best Hybrid Mattress Reviews

But with so many options available out there, choosing the best one for your home decor is quite a confusing and challenging task. This is where we could help! We will help you determine your ideal hybrid mattress, so you can purchase it with confidence.

Top 5 Best Hybrid Mattress in 2018

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What is Hybrid Mattress?

When we say hybrid, it is a combination of two mattress technologies – most popularly a combination of latex and foam and innerspring coils. It is crafted to offer sleepers with the benefits of innerspring coil and latex or foam mattresses to meet their needs. With this unique combination, optimal support and comfort are highly achieved.

Integrating the benefits and features of latex gives a third form of a combination as well. Combining these materials offers a model with contouring and feels that meets, or even exceeds, the needs of an array of sleepers that the standard types often cannot give.

These days, you can find several types of hybrids including:

  • Springs/Latex: When the latex and springs combined, a long-lasting mattress is created since latex is known for its durability.
  • Memory foam/Latex: Probably one of the most popular in the market, its goal is to have the memory foam’s pressure relief and the latex’s bounce and cooling elements.
  • Memory foam/Springs: Memory foam and spring mattresses are highly supportive and have enough pressure relief and contouring.

Apart from these three, there are other types of hybrid mattresses available. Take Leesa for instance. It makes use of Avena (a latex-like foam) combined with memory foam.

Why Hybrid Mattress a Good Choice?

Still uncertain whether the hybrid mattress is a perfect addition to your home or not? Let these astounding reasons convince you!

  • Structure

Since hybrid mattress combines a spring system with memory foam or latex, you can be able to experience the perfect blend of robust edge support, contouring, and comfort. It can be the best sleeping option for diverse individuals.

  • Innovative design

Side sleepers can benefit a lot from using a hybrid as it helps your natural body curve to conform while reducing the stress of moving around or getting out of bed easily – thanks to the added memory foam top layer.

  • Durability

Durability is another factor that would inspire you to have a hybrid mattress in your room. It uses high durable coils or springs that hold up for numerous years, which offers utmost support and balance.

  • Luxury and medium feel

The combination of coil/spring system and latex/foam provides sleepers with a unique feel, which mainly contains medium luxury/firm and medium soft feel.

  • Improve sleep

Generally, a hybrid mattress improves the sleep quality by reducing the disturbance of a person or partners changing sleep position. All thanks to the distinctive coil construction wrapped by layers of latex or foam. Your entire sleep won’t be disturbed even if your partner will toss and turn all night.

  • Low price range

Another impressive thing about hybrid mattresses is that they are reasonably priced. This means you don’t have to compromise your sleep for a cheap mattress anymore. The hybrid bed is your best solution!

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Right Product

After learning the benefits of buying a hybrid mattress for your family, we will now elaborate the top factors you have to consider avoiding costly mistakes in the long run.

  • Construction

There are various layers that a mattress is consisted of. The support and bounce are features for innerspring mattresses and of latex, while the contour of the body is accustomed using memory foam materials.

  • Size

Before going to a store to buy a hybrid mattress, consider first the available space in your home or bed, or the size of your bed. When we say size, it is not just about the length and width, but about the thickness and height of the mattress as well.

  • Comfort

In this case, consider the support and comfort layer materials used for constructing the mattress, which is usually provided by the support foams or coils. The main idea here is to give a comfort layer that is built from a supportive layer and soft materials to make a comfortable, high-quality mattress.

  • Sleeping Position

Your sleeping position is another major factor when buying a new mattress. For back sleepers, look for a product that could give you necessary spinal alignment and support. Stomach sleepers should consider a mattress that is supportive but very comfortable to provide you with an excellent sleeping sensation.

If you are lighter, a combination of latex and memory foam is highly recommended. Lastly, side sleepers should consider getting a hybrid mattress that can adhere to your body’s shapes while providing you with firm support.

  • Firmness

The firmness of the mattress is determined by your physical characteristics as well as your specific preferences and requirements about sleeping patterns. For example, heavier or stomach sleepers might opt for a firmer hybrid mattress because the softer one would considerably sink. A medium-firm bed is ideal for back sleepers, while a more delicate product is best for side sleepers.

  • CertiPUR-US Certification

Another essential thing to consider, the hybrid you’re going to buy must be CertiPUR-US certified. This means the foam portion doesn’t include heavy metals, flame retardants, formaldehyde, and other carcinogens. With this, you have a peace of mind knowing the model is purchase-worthy and safe.

  • Warranty

Most manufacturers generally offer up to 10-year warranty. But nowadays, you can find manufacturers who offer around 25 years of warranty.

  • Cost

When considering the price, always bear in mind that the cheapest hybrid mattress may not be as poor or bad as you think, and the priciest ones may not be the ideal for your situation. The best solution is to save enough amount of money to purchase a premium quality hybrid mattress that can last for years. Some manufacturers offer quality models at reasonable prices – thorough research is what you need.

Best Hybrid Mattress Reviews

There are vast options to choose from when it comes to a hybrid mattress. However, picking one without knowing details about the product isn’t recommended. Why? Well, you should know what you are buying! You should know information about the product you want to buy, and I think I could help you with that.

  • Cr Sleep Hybrid Mattress – Best Environmentally Friendly Product for Removing Pressure Points

  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • Helps support back problems
  • Supports any sleeping postures
  • Highly durable and comfortable
  • Helps minimize turning and tossing and remove motion transfer
  • Eliminates any pressure point to ensure a sound sleep all night long
  • Quite costly

Aside from being one of the premium quality hybrid mattresses out there, the Cr Sleep Mattress is completely CertiPUR-US certified as well as helps relieve pressure points and back problems – among the impressive things we love about the mattress.

It has a 13-inch deep layer with a 2-inch aired gel Air Cell Technology Memory foam to uphold the level of comfort you need while sleeping. Also, the model features a natural antimicrobial cover, with the inner cover built from fiberglass cloth and the outer one built from fabric and poly. Cr Sleep is a hybrid mattress that both feels and looks good.

However, its high price range may not be ideal for your budget.

  • Sunrising Bedding Latex Mattress – Best All-Natural Product for Quality

  • 100% natural latex layer
  • Enhanced support and comfort
  • Keeps off mold, dust, and mite
  • Free from odor, toxins, and allergens
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • It makes use of spring

The eight-inch Sunrising Bedding is so far one of the best hybrid mattresses I’ve come across. Its quality and natural latex layer are sure to impress not only your personal sleeping preference but your budget as well.

It is categorized by pocket springs that allow proper motion disruption removal. The mattress includes a seven-inch support layer and one-inch natural latex layer made of wrapped steel wire and coils. It is foul odor, chemical, allergen, and toxin free.

But, it uses springs which are uncomfortable to the body.

  • WinkBeds Mattress for Sale – Best Durable Product for Any Sleep Posture

  • Durable
  • Made in the USA
  • Excellent bounce
  • Great motion transfer
  • Ideal for all sleep positions
  • The 3 zoned construction offers additional support to lower lumbar and midsection area
  • Heavy
  • Highly expensive

For a quality, durable hybrid mattress perfect for any sleeping position, the WinkBeds Mattress is such a good option.

When it comes to support and breathability, this model does an incredible job of coming to a feasible combination. I really enjoyed the overall feel of the foams, plus the coils and air springs offered me enough bounce. It is very supportive, to the point that you will feel like you have lost weight.

But on the negative side, the Wink Bed is more expensive than other quality models and is a bit heavy, making it difficult to move.

  • Classic Brands Decker Hybrid Mattress – Best Durable Product for the Budget

  • Provides an ultimate sleeping experience
  • Undisturbed relaxation and rest
  • Breathable memory foam
  • Hypoallergenic and antimicrobial
  • Repel the heat from your body
  • Affordable
  • Quite firm

For those looking for a robust hybrid mattress with a solid construction without breaking the bank, then I suggest you need the Classic Brands Decker Mattress.

There’s a pocketed coil base that helps prevent movement transfer among partners. In addition, the memory foam utilized here gives the required support while relieving pressure. There is also coordinating knit sides and corded edge for optimal breathability.

Although, the mattress is slightly firm.

  • Olee Sleep Hybrid Gel Infused Memory Foam and Pocket Spring Mattress

  • Extremely durable
  • Dissipates heat for cooler nights
  • No motion distribution
  • A healthy mattress
  • Fantastic support for stomach and side sleepers
  • Emits horrible smell for first few days

The Olee Sleep is a top-quality hybrid mattress that is both ideal for people with particular sleeping habits and conditions.

The innerspring mattress and hybrid gel-infused foam offers support for aching joints and backs as well as a soft touch. The cooling features and springs will guarantee that you will have a comfortable and cool sleep all night long. It also adheres to CertiPUR-US standards.

However, the mattress gives an unpleasant odor for first few days of ownership, hence, you need to air it out before using.

Final Verdict

We hope that our reviews of the best hybrid mattress helped you in making the right buying decision. If you are looking for a high-quality, durable product, I would definitely recommend the Cr Sleep Comfort Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress. I think you will be pleased with its popular features and competitive price point.

Above all, this mattress has a lot to offer as it takes the best out of innerspring and foam mattresses and blends them to give a better sleeping experience that may just be what you have been looking for.

Enjoyed reading the article? Share it with your family or friends who badly need a hybrid mattress for their next sleeping routine! If you have comments or questions, kindly leave them below.

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