Best Floor Mattress (Picking the Best Option to Sleep on The Floor)

Have you experienced having too many guests at home for a sleepover? If yes, then you also need an extra mattress, am I right? Do you have the best floor mattress to use? I guess its best that you have such bed that fits perfectly on the floor and makes your guests’ sleep more than just comfortable.

Best Floor Mattress Reviews

Best Floor Mattress Reviews

To help you achieve that, I have shortlisted the products that you can choose from plus a guide you can refer to during the buying process. Let’s get started!

Top 5 Best Floor Mattress in 2018

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Sleeping on a Floor Mattress

First, let me share you some of the pros and cons out of using a floor mattress. Here they are:


  • Sleeping on the floor will improve the overall blood circulation within the entire body. There are numbers of health benefits such as less back and neck pain. There might as well be a less risk of scoliosis and an overall improvement as well as disappearance of back pain and benefits in relieving the joint pain.
  • During sleep, our body is perfectly aligned in a natural posture. If there is no additional cushioning, the body would adapt and distribute pressure around the surface area of the mattress. And in this way, there will be no neck or back pain. The blood flow will not be obstructed, and the tissue and muscles will get the maximum amount of circulation.
  • If you are near the floor, it will give you an access to a lot cooler air which will feel good and will do wonder for your sleep. Increase in body temperature might be the reason of restless nights and also waking up in the middle of the night. If there’s a cooler air, it will prevent you from sweating at night and will also benefit the respiratory system at the same time improving overall blood flow.


  • One of the most apparent cons if you sleep on the floor is that you might be exposed to dust which accumulates on the ground. There is a need for regular cleaning in order to avoid allergic reactions and respiratory problems. Inhaling dust or other dirt particles could leave a permanent mark on one’s health. Make sure to raise the mattress a bit above the surface.
  • Once there is not enough airflow, though the mattress is directly placed on the floor, sweat and excessive heat could lead the mattress to trap all the liquid and heat and form a layer of mold inside. And mold can be a cause of severe allergic reactions.

Types of Floor Mattresses

There are indeed different types of floor mattresses that you can choose from. But, not all these mattresses are alike. Each mattress is unique when it comes to style and other features.
Two of the most popular types of floor mattresses are the following:

Folding Floor Mattress

This one is occasionally used at home by those who like to keep the mattress out all the time. Folding floor mattress could be a Tri-fold one that could be folded easily and be kept away. Most customers would purchase this type because they are more comfortable compared to the rolling ones.

Folding mattresses could also consist of another subtype which is referred to as the sofa bed that could turn out to be a chair once needed. And for the benefits and features of this floor mattress, consider the following:

  • Portable. They could fold and be compact for storage if you will keep them aside based on your preferences. Sofa mattresses could also be converted to chair beds which could be kept and be used for sitting too.
  • Lightweight. They are also very lightweight due to the materials used. The foam base is the reason why the mattress is light and also easy to move around and relocate. And this is why most people prefer this one over the other.
  • Non-Slip Bottom. Most models will come with non-slip bottoms which will keep them in place during any activity that happens on it.
  • Budget-Friendly. They are very cheap and could be used for different purposes.
  • Removable Covers. And these types of folding mattresses would come with removable covers which could be easily put in the washer.

Rolling Floor Mattress

Another type is the rolling floor mattress that could be easily rolled and stored away once not needed. Some options from this type include the Japanese Tatami, Thai rolling mattress, and the Futons. Besides, they are rolled out on the floor such as a fluffy quilt. So, which one would you like to purchase, a folding or a rolling one?

What to Look for When Buying a Floor Mattress

If you like the idea of sleeping on the floor, buying the best floor mattress matters a lot. But what you should be looking for? Here is a guide on how you can choose the right product:


You need to decide about the size of the mattress based on what you want. However, for the majority, it is based on the ultimate use. Once planned to be used a person then a single mattress is a wise choice.


In general, the thicker, the better! Nevertheless, there is a limit, like in a rolling mattress. Folding floor mattress comes in different thickness. If the mattress is thicker, it will be more comfortable, yet it might also be pricier and bulkier.

If the mattress is thicker, there will be more foam and the capacity to consist many types of foam as well. There will be numbers of great advantages out of choosing a thicker one.

Mattress Cover

The cover is crucial too. It protects the essential part of the mattress, and it helps in keeping it clean and free from any contamination. Allergic reactions will be prevented and molds too once there is a great cover.

Go for a removable one which could be unzipped for washing. But other options are permanently fixed. Waterproof ones are great for those with kids and for camping too. There is also a need to keep in mind that the cover should be comfortable enough to lie on.


There might be instances wherein you are to transport the floor mattress. When buying, check the way it folds, and the dimensions once folded. A tri-fold one will treble the thickness once folded, and the length will be reduced. The width will stay the same resulting in a shorter yet bulkier mattress.

For a rolling one, the width will the biggest dimension once rolled up. So, its diameter will depend on the mattress’ thickness and the length.
These things should be kept in mind once planning to buy a floor mattress.

Reviews of the Best Floor Mattress

And for the details of our chosen products, read more below:

  • Folding Pack-n-Play Mattress by Sproutwise Kids

  • Easy to fold for easy transportation
  • Waterproof liner making the mattress clean
  • Natural latex foam
  • Soft-zippered organic cover
  • Machine-washable
  • Free from synthetic materials and hypoallergenic
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • A bit heavy for some
  • There is an issue about the odor

The first on this list is from a well-respected brand which offers many of the playing and sleeping options for young ones, right from a baby to a toddler one. Aside from being a floor mattress, you can consider this option as a travel bed if you have young kids.

This one is a folding floor mattress with dimensions of 38 inches long and 25 inches wide. You should take note as well that since this option is ideal for children, it could also be a great alternative if you have numbers of kids as visitors.

You might as well use this mattress in a trailer or caravan, in a holiday home and right on the floor, of course.


  • Best Price Mattress Tri-Fold Mattress Topper

  • Zippered-protective cover
  • 5 inches layer of memory foam
  • Free storage or carry bag
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • Slip-proof bottom
  • Might lack a bit of support
  • An issue about a chemical odor

Next is a tri-fold floor mattress that is made with the use of a 1.5 inches layer of memory foam on the 2.5 inches layer of high-density base foam. Its memory foam is infused with ActivFRESH charcoal as for absorbing odors and keeping the mattress fresh.

Besides, this product also comes with a black carry and storage bag for keeping out dust once not in use. It is protected with a zippered poly-Jacquard cover which could be removed and washed. This one is indeed great for floors, sleepovers, camping and unexpected guests.

Also, it is CertiPUR-US certified which means it is environmentally friendly and it doesn’t have any toxic or harmful substances. You might as well use this as a regular mattress topper.

  • Rolling Bed DDFR33080 Traditional Japanese Floor Futon Mattresses

  • Easy to store
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Different uses like yoga, camping, massages and more
  • Not for those who don’t want firm cushioning offered by the cotton padded mattress
  • Requires regular turns to avoid unnecessary moisture

Once looking for something that is easy to move around and compact mattress, then this is the right choice. It is so easy to store, very lightweight and definitely portable. You might as well use it for some other functions such as massage and yoga. Or merely carry this one if you’re on day hikes or picnics.

This floor mattress has three layers which embody the structure and hold it upright without allowing you to feel any extreme hardness of the floor. There is a white cotton filling which offers softness along with a foam layer and a polyester layer making the bed fluffy and soft.

Multiple uses and user convenience are guaranteed by this product!

  • Tatami Floor Mat- Japanese Bed

  • Can be used for many different purposes
  • Could be spread in any space
  • Very convenient size
  • Easy spot washing
  • Durable
  • Too thin mattress for some

This time around, it pays to praise the Japanese because of this product. This one is a portable and compact single-sized bed which can also be used for numbers of purposes. It comes with convenient cable ties allowing you to wrap the mattress after use easily. And there is an assurance of comfortable design making it great for any environment.

This product comes with a polyester cover that is smooth and silky adding to the overall softness of the mattress. You can even spot washed this cover. And this cover is also durable and exceptional protection against wear and tear.

  • Roll Up Thai Mattress

  • Entirely handmade
  • Comfortable and solid padding
  • Double stitched for superb strength
  • A bit expensive

If you are looking for a machine-stitched mattress, then this one is the best alternative. This is completely handmade from natural materials that make it very breathable and versatile. It is stuffed with Kapok or the natural cotton-like fabric which comes from the Kapok trees. More than just a great option if you want to sleep on the floor, there are many other uses for this product.

Since it is double stitched, durability and longevity are both guaranteed. The design of this mattress is also very traditional, and it looks fantastic wherever you keep it.

Final Verdict

So, those are the top five floor mattress that you can consider if ever you plan to sleep on the floor with the kids or with guests. However, picking the Folding Pack-n-Play Mattress by Sproutwise Kids is a nice option indeed. You are putting great important to the kids who love to sleep and even play on the floor with such an excellent mattress to support them. It is also a great spare mattress once guests come unexpectedly! Hit like, share and comment for your thoughts!

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