9 Proven Benefits Of Sleeping Without A Pillow

Are pillows essential once sleeping? For some, yes it is! However, some people could sleep comfortably even without their pillows. If that’s the case, what could be the benefits of sleeping without a pillow? Well, there could be a lot! And some of the proven benefits will be discussed later in this post.

Benefits Of Sleeping Without A Pillow

Benefits Of Sleeping Without A Pillow

How to Sleep Without a Pillow?

Of course, if you plan to remove your pillow as you sleep, learning the right way to sleep without pillow support will matter a lot. It is best to know that there are stages to be done to reassure that you’ll have a comfortable sleep.

This kind of change might require some patience, but it will not be that hard. Begin with a towel which you could fold to make it level with the pillow. If you are used to sleeping on this towel, you can unfold it once making it a bit lower.

And when you get to used to that, you can unfold the towel again then carry on doing so up until you can do away with it altogether. You can also try lying in various positions as a help to this process. The ideal spot is where the spine could stay aligned along with the head and into its natural curved position.

Before you go to sleep every night, and also once you wake up, you could do certain gentle neck stretches in order to revive the natural flexibility of the neck. Indeed these exercises would help to strengthen the neck and will make it a lot easier to adjust to bedtime position.

What Are The Benefits Of Sleeping Without Pillow?

Here are the advantages out of sleeping without the presence of pillow:

  • 1, Prevents Back Pain

Because of bad posture, back pain is a common issue for the majority. A bad mattress and also a wrong choice of pillow might contribute to the said pain. Most individuals fail to use pillows that would support the natural curve of the spine. Multiple or overstuffed pillows might be the reason why because they put the body in an unnatural sleeping position. Also, pillows which are filled with regular feather, fiber and foam might break down over time making the provided support a lot worse.

  • 2, Combats Headaches

Have you ever experienced waking up with such feeling of lightheadedness or a bad headache? If you can’t find other reasons why, then your pillow could be the culprit. Try to sleep at least a night without using a pillow and see whether you wake up a lot better the next morning.

Sleeping with soft pillows could reduce the blood flow to the head, and the head won’t get the needed oxygen. Also, not enough support for the heat will reduce the airflow from the nose to the lung and the head. Morning headaches might be due to disruption of oxygen distribution to the head.

  • 3, Helps Deal with Neck Pain

A pillow should keep the neck in parallel alignment to the mattress rather than making it bent down or up. But, most pillows fail to offer the said support and make the sleeping postures worse. When it comes to neck pain, feather pillows are the worst. They don’t render any stability since the feathers keep on moving as you sleep.

If you will not use pillows, it would make your head rest on natural position. At the same time, it will prevent nerve damage as well as strained muscle so you might experience less pain. Also, too soft pillows will disrupt the blood flow in the neck part.

  • 4, Aligns Bone Structure

Another one benefits of sleeping without a pillow might be the fact that it helps in normalizing and aligning bone structure. The daily activities can make you retain in bad posture at all times . Sleeping must be the time wherein you will put the bone structure back to the natural alignment. So, if you will not use pillows during sleep, it would improve the posture, aligns the bone structure and will minimize problems with regards to bad structure.

  • 5, Improves Energy

Do you that sleeping without a pillow also helps in improving the energy levels due to numbers of reasons. The first one is that it would get rid of the neck and back pain which you might experience if you use the wrong pillows. Your body will get the rest it needs to refill the energy if you will not have to wake up many times within the entire night. And because you have a higher sleep quality, improved energy level is guaranteed.

  • 6, Alleviates Stress

Once you sleep in the wrong positions due to the use of pillows and you could constantly have to wake up during the entire night, it will not be a surprise that the stress level peaks. And there will be no good effects if you have a stressful sleep at night.

Stress might lead to different mental and physical illnesses and because of this, you must sleep without pillows to decrease the stress level. Also, once you no longer experience any sleep disturbances, the quality of sleep would help the body level down the stress hormones. And so, you will be less stressed out.

  • 7, Reduces Anxiety and Depression

How is the feeling as you wake up in the morning after having a restless sleep? You might feel so down and irritable, right? If you lack a sound sleep, more particularly if you are from uncomfortable sleeping positions because of the bad pillows, will mess your mood.

There could be a great chance that if you wake up, you might feel cranky and annoyed. Throughout the day, little things might bring the mood down. Once you are vulnerable to depression, this might even go beyond the bad mood and trigger the depression.

If you don’t have enough sleep, you might also have hardships in memorizing, concentrating and performing some other cognitive tasks. And this would make an individual anxious to play its best. You could also be surprised and shocked leading to anxiety.

  • 8, Prevents Wrinkles and Facial Acne

Both facial acne and wrinkles might be avoided by not using a pillow as you sleep. How could this be possible? Here is the explanation. Acne is caused by oil and dirt which attaches to the face and clog the pores eventually. And this inflammation will cause redness, swelling, and in some cases infections. The way you sleep matters a lot.

If you switch to the sideways position as you sleep, the face would be attached to the pillow. There is no assurance that you change and wash your pillowcase every day, right? It is exposed to almost all sorts of dirt such as dust, saliva, and sweat making it a good place for bacteria. And might lead to facial acne, so removing the pillow as you sleep is a wise choice.

Aside from acne, you can also reduce and prevent the wrinkles of the skin as you removed the pillow. If you usually lie your face down the into the pillow, the lines would come to a lot faster. Wrinkles happen because of face repetitive movements. But, you can prevent this matter if you will remove the pillow and merely sleep on your back as it would alleviate pressure on the face.

  • 9, Offers Better Sleep

And among the most important benefits of sleeping without a pillow is the assurance of promoting better sleep. If you will not use any neck or head support as you sleep would stimulate the body to find the best natural position to rest.

On the other hand, if you sleep with pillows which couldn’t offer enough support for the neck, back, and spine, the body, would need to compensate via engaging the neck or back muscles. And this coping mechanism will lead to more strain to the muscle.

Indeed, sleeping must not be the time to strain your muscles. It is supposed to be the time when the body is resting and relaxing to recover from the stress of the entire day. If the body doesn’t get the rest it requires and works overtime instead, this strain will then manifest as pain.

So, if you ditch the pillows as you sleep at night, the body won’t need to take such excessive strain as well as stress leading to a better quality of sleep.


And there you have it – the benefits of sleeping without a pillow! Too shocked of some advantages you’ve just heard now? Well, you should bear in mind these benefits from now on and if you want to reap them, start learning how to sleep without any pillow.

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